Sunday, February 21, 2010

iF I hAD tO PIck ONe

If I had to pick one article that just spoke to me from the Flea Market Style Magazine (yes, I have devoured it since I received it from The Barn House Boys) and there were several articles I really liked, but this one had to be my favorite.  "Born in a Barn" showcased Joe and Jermonne's place (no, they didn't pay me to say this), I really really enjoyed reading about them. 

Beautiful and more beauty is what I saw here:

Of course the screen door story really spoke to me as well because I remember growing up on my grandparents farm and hearing the screen door slam, well I just knew I was HOME.

Isn't their covered porch so peaceful and serene looking:

The article they also did of their outdoor area was equally as delightful.  I know I said I'd only pick one article but since it was of their place, does it really count as two!

I would love to have seen more of the outside of the their home and grounds.  If the pictures could have been smaller and maybe adding more pictures of the places that were featured would have been my suggestion.  If you haven't found the Flea Market Style magazine yet in your area, I hope you find a copy soon. 

I've been getting my things ready for the upcoming Accumulations Hill Country vintage home and garden fair coming up on March 10 in Dripping Springs Tx.  I hope you are making plans to attend.  There's going to be really fabulous vendors setting up here.  Click here for more info.

Happy Sunday to you all!


  1. Haven't bought it yet but these pictures make me want to. So excited to have a new magazine -- that I like. Jan

  2. Oh my gosh....I have to find that magazine....should be able to,we get all the others here?!?!Stunning house indeed! Hope you are well,sorry I have not been by! x00x

  3. Really lovely pictures!!! The outdoor pictures reminds me that hopefully Spring is just around the corner.

  4. That's the same memory I have of my grandmother's house. I loved the creeeaaak and then the slam!!! I can't wait to see this issue in person.

  5. That was a really good article. I love the idea of having a screen door as an interior door.

    Although my fave story was the one on Canton. Great mag!

    See ya next month! :-)


  6. I have got to make TIME to go pick up a copy of the magazine. Not sure why I haven't been able to do that yet. Oh wait, I think its called work!
    Take care, Sue

  7. That was my favorite house in the magazine too. I really like their style.

  8. I have been looking high and low for that mag. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

  9. Wow, those pics are beautiful! I've been looking forward to a copy of that magazine. Thanks for the heads up about the upcoming show, maybe we'll get to go! LA


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