Friday, February 05, 2010

My Dream Cottage

Remember my dream house, the cute white cottage I posted about, well I had to find out more about it and all I knew about it was that it was located in Australia!  It could have very well been located in one of our Texas towns because it does look like one of the cute houses I've seen recently.  Well I did find the source of it, look here.  And, it's for SALE, click here to read more.

Then, look at what all else I found out about it.  It's called "Bilbury Cottage" located in Moss Vale Sydney.  Bibury Cottage is a two bedroom colonial cottage and is on a historic property with one of the oldest gardens in that area. Originally a servant’s quarters which dates from 1896. It has been extended and refurbished as a two bedroom cottage yet retains much of the old world charm.  The manicured gardens were designed after the formal English style.  The property has a Chauffeur's cottage and a Servant's cottage on the grounds and it has been turned into a B&B and has full catering facilities or full English breakfast provided.

The main house from a distance.

Don't you just love the front porch.  All those ferns are so pretty.

Here's one of the other cottages on the property.  Reminds me of an old church.

One of the out buildings.  The yard looks so pretty and tranquil.


An old sun dial.  Love the patina on it.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, Happy Friday!!


  1. G'day mate! See if they would be willing to ship overseas!

  2. I have my passport do YOU? Let's go! It looks so wonderful.
    Hope you have a great weekend.ox

  3. okay when we move there I get the little cottage that looks like a church, right? just to die for T. thanks for sharing.



  4. OMG OMG OMG ..... this is just the house that would make me move to another country. Can you imagine sitting at that kitchen table in the morning, sipping your coffee - watching the dog and kids play in that beautiful yard. This is a house that you dream lucidly about...

    Hugs T!


    ps - yes I'm still here - lol

  5. Maybe we could all chip in and buy it together??? All those lovely details... I can be your gardener or cook. Oh wait, I can't really garden or cook. Maybe I can just be a guest who never leaves.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend drooling... (I sure will!) So fabulous.

  6. love this... i think it is always great when we can dream about what we love... and someday our dreams will come true... love your blog... have a great weekend x pam

  7. Those were great pictures of that cottage,I luv the sundial and the way the gardening tools hang on the outside of the garden shed...

  8. I really think that this little cottage is calling your name...
    “T come and visit me....”
    well maybe in a different accent.

  9. I guess you should get your passport ready! It's a lovely cottage ~ I would call that show "Haulin' House" and see what they can do for you LOL!

  10. That settles it, you've gotta move to Australia!
    Ya think it'd be a pain to cart your stuff to and fro for Warrenton, though? ;-)


  11. That place is just amazing the gardens are gorgeous. Sydney is packed full of these beautiful old houses/cottages.

  12. That is amazing... you thought Texas... I thought maybe Iowa (definitely not Washington!).

    Looks heavenly... maybe you can find something a little closer, though. That would be a really tough commute!

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. I'm right there with you, that would be a dream cottage for me also. You don't see that here in California.

  14. Okay,
    I want to buy it too, it is a DREAM house! If only it was in Grapevine Texas and listed for $125,000. Lisa

  15. Love the pictures, especially the cottage that looks like a little church.

  16. i want to go! when can we move! it's too adorable! good find, girl!


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