Thursday, March 04, 2010

20 MORE DAYS & The Junk Gypsies!!

Can you believe how fast time is flying and we are only 20 days away from being in Junker's Paradise.  Can you feel the excitement in the air?    Rather than give you 20 more reasons why you don't want to miss coming out to the shows, I thought I'd show you a new blog instead.  I'm sure you all know the famous JuNk GYpSy cREw, well they've got a blog that you just have to check out:

I believe this picture must have been taken at the last show.  The memory of all this mud wasn't a pretty site, but we all survived!

Be sure and go over (click on their name above to be routed there) and welcome them to Blogland.  See you in 20 days or less!!


  1. heyyyy there TrAiLBLazin' SiSTER!!!
    thanks soooo much for helping us get the word out about our new venture into the blogosphere!
    always looooove yer good reads! :)
    SEE ya soooooon!

  2. Wow, that photos says it all. I wish I could make that pilgrimage. My best finds have always been at crummy weather days. Sea Witch

  3. Only 20 more days!! WOW...You have GOT to be sooooo excited. I WILL get down there.....SOON! It's on the goal "short list!"

  4. Yep, I proudly sport a "Junk Happens" Junk Gypsy bumper sticker on my SUV! Love 'em!


  5. Theresa, I don't know of anybody that love the shows more than you do. Thanks for keeping us well informed and in case I have never told you your blog is the one that I link from to everybody elses. When I tell people about blogging I use your blog as a starting point for them, you were that for me. I so trust your taste and so far its been right on the dot. Sorry, but we could never be shopping buddies, just love the same things. Somebody needs to hire you as an editor, actually you should get paid for all your advertisement efforts. I hope I can make it, my knee is still hurting, only a couple of weeks to heal. Take care and thanks for everything you do for the blogging community, it just not be the same without you. Blessings, Marta.

  6. Hello Texas. Just took my first peep.. Nice

    yvonne in Maine


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