Wednesday, March 03, 2010

More Blog Party News on a White Wednesday

I know it's White Wednesday, but I wanted to share more Blog Party News with you, so I've just joined the two posts.  Not only will Jo Packham and Gina Galvin be there selling and signing their magazines and books, but I've also invited Carol of Cookie Du Monde to be there selling her works of art cookies and petit fours.  Let me tell you if you've not had the pleasure of trying her awesome creations, then you are in for a real treat!  She makes the most awesome cookies that just melt in your mouth.  Carol also sells her beautiful finds at Zapp Hall each Spring and Fall, she's located around the corner of the hall by the Zapp Hall Restuarant.

Take a look for yourself:

Be sure and check out Carol's blog.  She can probably create anything you are looking for and she does take custom orders for your next shower, party, or celebration and she's located in the Houston area.

Also, don't forget to make your name tag/badge/banner whatever your mind comes up with to create and wear at the Blog Party and there's going to be a prize for the best one created.  Here's the fun part about judging the name tags, Theresa, Time Worn Interiors (famously known as TOT) suggested that you all will be judges rather than trying to select someone to judge that may not have been partial to their favorite *wink*, so no I guess CD can't be one of the judges, you know he'd pick his favorite CD Kitten.  You all get to select which one you think has made the best name tag and the one with the most votes wins the prizes!  So get busy creating!

One more exciting thing, Robelyn of Red Neck Chic has so graciously offered to donate one of her beautiful purses as one of the prizes, so as you can see there's going to be more than one prize, so I know you don't want to miss the opportunity to come out and join the fun!

You can see more of Robelyn's designs, here.

If you are new to my blog and hadn't heard about the party or the name tag fun challenge, click here and here to read more.  So looking forward to seeing you at the party on Sunday, March 28 at 6:00pm, if not before!!  Don't be late.

Also, be sure and visit Kathleen's blog for all the White Wednesday participants.


  1. What fun. Can't wait to get this party started. Sea Witch

  2. Yeah, I thought about could CD not pick his #1 kitten! Theresa thanks so much for putting this together. It's going to be so's definitely the thing I look forward to most when I go. Carol's cookies look amazing! I can't wait to check out her blog.


  3. I really need one of those cookies! And wishing I could be at the blog party in person. You all will have so much fun!

  4. How exciting...looks fun, fun, fun!
    Happy WW!

  5. Don't kid yourselves! Cat Daddy wants to win as much as the rest of us...he's cooking something up as I type!

  6. Dang it! I hate to miss your party. I'll be in Houston waiting for my big operation early the next morning. I know it will be a blast...the party, not the operation!

  7. Can't wait! Hard to believe it's that time again. Are you ready?

  8. sorry your tooth was hurting during canton .. wishing you much success during warrenton .. know you are loving the preparations for the show and getting excited .. hate that i will miss it .. but it's just too long a show .. still wish i could make it .. my best to you and hoping for the prettiest weather we have had ..


  9. Oh my goodness those cookies look too pretty to eat!
    Sounds like such fun.

  10. I miss all the fun!!! Can't wait to see all the pics you gals will be showing us!

  11. Oh my,I will miss the Blog Party...and it sounds like a blast...but I do get to come to the show this spring...hurrah!!! Not sure when but I will drop by Zapp Hall to meet some of you I hope...

  12. I'm dropping the diet for the cookies. OH MY GOSH those have my mouth watering just LOOKING at them!!!

    I can't wait for your party! I've been messin' around in the laboratory and mixing up some bits and baubles and gorgeousness for the prize "primitiques goes red.neck" bag!!! I can't wait for you to see!!!

    I'm back to the sewing machine!

    Thanks Again!
    ;-) robelyn

  13. Thanks so much for the fabulous introduction! I can't wait to see all of you at the Blog Party. Thinking of doing a cookie name tag.


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