Friday, March 19, 2010

Show 411

I have to laugh everytime I get an email from Carol of Raised in Cotton and she call's me Sweet T 411!  Well, Carol this title's for you.  I know so many of you that are coming are new to the shows and you've mentioned a bit of being overwelmed just how big the shows are and you don't know where to start or some of you aren't even sure where you'll stay.  I'm sure it's not too late to book a place, even if it's in Austin or Houston, which these places are about an hour away (if you drive like my husband, ha).  But just remember a lot of the places do start booking 6 months in advance. 

The first thing I recommend when you get to the shows is to pick up a copy of the Show Daily.  Most vendors will have this in their booths.  It covers so much and will be a very helpful guide for the shows:

Check out their site for all the show info. you'll ever need.

Here are just a few sites for you to check out on where to stay:
I really don't know anything personal about these places, so if you've stayed here and don't recommend them, please let me know.  Or, if they are good recommendations,  please give me your thoughts.  These are just places others have recommended.  You might also check here for more lodging sites.

Okay, if you can't find a place others have stayed in their vehicles.  Just think it would be like you are at summer camp, sleeping under the stars.  Besides you'd probably only sleep for a few hours anyways, because you would want to be up early to go shopping. There are new showers and a laundry place in the middle of Warrenton.  You can't miss finding it.  You might bring extra clothes and blankets because the weather this next week is going to be cold in the mornings, but it looks like it's going to get to be around 70 in the afternoons.

Now, on to places to eat:

  • We discovered a really great place to eat Breakfast at the Tree Park Field, thanks to Lisa.  They serve really good eggs, pancakes, the works and very reasonably priced.  I don't remember the name but if you ask anyone in this field, they'll point you to them.

  • If you like Mexican Food, check out Manuels in the Sommerplace Field, next to Zapp Hall.  It's really good or try the Mexican eatery at The Texas Rose Show, across from Marburger Farms.

  • Of course Royers in downtown Round Top is a fav, just expect to wait about an hour, so worth it though.

  • Zapp Hall's cuisine is always a favorite of ours.  The pie is divine!

  • We like to eat at Orsak's in Fayetteville too, except I think we are banned from going there since we were so loud last time.  We did have the waitress laughing though.

  • On Wednesday nights there a great place to eat an all you can eat buffet in Burton, The Cactus Restaurant, and it's Chicken Fried Steak night with all the fixins and desert on Wednesday nights. 

  • Here's a site that covers so many more places in surrounding towns.
I know you want to know, where to shop.  Now check out Fancy's guide, she's done all the work and covered it all.

See you in, how many days?  5 days and counting!!!!!


  1. OMG...I'd be a nervous wreck...I'm a small town gal and avoid big city traffic, my GPS would be screamin' at me...ha!

    You guys are gonna have a blast, this is gonna be one of your best shows...I just feel it!!!

    Good luck!


  2. I really wish I was going it sounds like it is going to be a blast! I have a couple of friends who are going out there. Have a good time. Julian

  3. Hey sweetie ~ you are always such an angel to share so much information for everyone coming to the show!!! You didn't have to do anything for me Theresa...I was happy to help any way I could ~ even if I did mess up! I will be at Round Top in spirit dear friend!!! I hope you have a wonderful show..hugs and love, Dawn

  4. Hi Ms. T!

    I'll see ya soon! Have a safe trip down here...xo...deb

  5. Theresa, you were a HUGE lifesaver for me last Fall, and I know that so many other folks feel the same way!

    I'll head on over to see you way before the blog party.
    Can't wait! :-)



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