Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Junk Gypsy's Project on Wheels

You all know the famous JUNk GyPSy'S from the Warrenton Antique Show at Zapp Hall and their famous Prom Party, but did you also know just how multi-talented this family is. They took on the project of decorating Miranda Lambert's saloon on wheels and I got to see their completed project in Warrenton this past Spring Show.

Check it out, Road Side Bars & Pink Guitars ~ isn't it too cute and that's just the outside.

Step right up and order your drink:

Look at the detail they put into it:

Amy and Jolie did not find this couch this way, they totally redid it:

You can check out their blog for more details on it.

All ready for you to come in and have a seat:

It's 5 o'clock somewhere...

Now that song will be playing over and over in your head and you can thank me later :)

See what I mean?

They did a great job.

Click here if you want to see more.

Now let's move inside their tent during this past show:

They never disappoint with their cool vibe inside:

No, I wasn't drunk when I took this pic, darn camera :)

Love the wings:

Every girl wants to feel like an angel, don't you think?

And speaking of angels, here's three more for ya:

Sandra Evertson, Jo Packham, and Rebecca Ersfeld.  Sandra and Rebecca are both in the upcoming issue of Where Women Create along with Elizabeth Maxson, so be sure and check out the issue.

Hope you enjoyed all the Round Top/Warrenton posts. This is the last one of them all. See ya in the Fall if not before!


  1. Hi Theresa,
    I'm slowly getting back in the blogging groove...man does it take awhile when you've been out of the "loop" Anyway what fun fun pictures of the Junk Gypsie's project! They were so fun to meet!
    Hope you are doing well

  2. Hey Theresa
    That was a surprise!! I was looking and reading about the junk gypsies remembering how cool the trailer was and then all of a sudden there was us! lol thanks for the shout out! You are a sweetie. I have enjoyed the posts. Have a great week

  3. Ummmmm can you hear me hyperventilating??? Ohh mann these pics are killing me!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!!

    Anytime I need eye candy I come visit your blog!!! You never disappoint me!!! :)

    Love from the Jersey Shore!!
    xoxo Jenny

  4. I loved all the photo's, thanks for sharing!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  5. So nice, great pictures.
    I'd love to see in real life
    I wish you a wonderful week,

    Greeting Irma

  6. awwww.... THEReSA!!!! thanks soooo much for such an AwESOME writE-UP!!!! sooo great seeing you as always and your fab booth! had a BLasT AT the BloGGER party! you're the BeST,sister!!!
    janie, amie, and jolie

  7. I want that trailer in my backyard. Wonder if the neighbors would mind:))
    That bar/alter is a hoot!
    ps...just got my WWC and just love it.
    Rebecca's place is TDF


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