Monday, April 26, 2010

The Livingston @ Heritage Square

The Livingston in Waco Texas is where Amy treated us to this weekend and it was absolutely gorgeous.  So peaceful and relaxing, I thought for sure this is what Heaven is like.  Our room had a full size kitchen, a cute balcony, and the most luxurious bedroom and bathroom and the real treat was that Amy provided a lot of the items that you see here.  She gave us the grand tour of the place and all the items purchased for it.

Here's the kitchen/living & dining space:

See the chandeliar.  Well my husband knows me too well and how much I absolutely love a pretty chandy.  While he was talking to my son, I was "admiring" it and he tells my son, your mom is trying to figure out if that chandeliar will fit in her suitcase, ha ha.  They did have a clause sitting on the mirrored dresser that if anything came up missing, your credit card would be charged.  Amy, I hope it didn't cost too much, just kidding!  No I didn't take it, but it sure was pretty.

A full size kitchen was included.  I could have stayed here for weeks and never came out.  Yes, it was that relaxing.

Look at this pretty bedroom.  So glamour Hollywood, don't you think.  I loved sleeping in that bed and those linens were so comfortable.  Loved it.  The headboard was pretty too!

What a nice bathroom it was.  They had Bloom & Bee Swanky soap and really good smelling lavendar shampoo and very plush luxurious towels.  No, not like the kind at the other motels where they are so thin you can see through them.  We normally bring our own towels/linens anyways and here you didn't actually mind stepping on the carpet or floor.  Normally, in other places I wear my shoes until it's time for bed.  I highly recommend staying here anytime you are in Waco, I promise you you won't want to leave!

Thank you so much Amy for such a great treat!!


  1. It does look heavenly. Better take a bigger suitcase next time.

  2. oh my, how beautiful, lucky you. with all those little luxuries as well..

  3. Oh, what a beautiful place to stay!!! I really enjoyed visiting with you, Amy and Becky Saturday! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  4. You deserve to have a little piece of heaven to relax. Next time I go to Waco to visit the in-laws I might just have to take a little detour! I will be in Canton on Thursday. I hope to see you there.

  5. A little slice of heaven...mmmmm... love it!

  6. Looks like a cozy place to stay and sounds like you had a nice time at this show. Your photos from your previous post were awesome. Great displays!

    Enjoy your week.


  7. What a lovely place to stay! I adore that fabulous chandelier!!!

  8. Gosh, so I'm not the only person afraid of going barefoot on hotel carpets! Staying in a beautiful place sure makes all the difference on a trip...that was lovely!

  9. How beautiful!
    And how generous of Amy, although I know for a fact that you're worth it. :-)


  10. This place looks delightful! Sounds like you really enjoyed your time there.

  11. I bet you and the C-Man thought you were on a second honeymoon...wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

  12. Looks like a wonderful place to stay!

  13. What a great place to spend the night! And what a great gift from Amy! I can't wait to see pictures of Amys shop!

  14. What a gorgeous, gorgeous place to stay. Luxurious, and homey. The perfect combination. :)

  15. kudos for leaving! i bet that wasn't easy! looks fabulous! can't wait to see you next week...can't believe we get to play at HEAP! excited!

  16. girrllll... how many ways can i say omg??? you are one lucky lady. was cruz lucky too? couldn't resist...




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