Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Heap Show

I spent yesterday evening with Mo, Janet, Terri, Stephanie,  and Jana and the rest of the crew in Tyler at the Warehouse and while they were finishing last minute details I was taking pictures of all their awesome displays.  Their show started today and there was a great crowd that showed up early.  If you missed it, well all I can say is you should have been there.  These girls worked really hard to get their displays just right and to find the right merchandise.  Well, take a look for yourself.

Here's Mo's space:

Loved the dress form she made into a lamp.

She had such cute homemade things all around her booth:

The gurney table sold right away.

This display wants to make you get ready for the beach:

Of course she had transferware:

If you were looking for cute wedding things, she had it:

Even Janet had a word or two thrown in.

Moving right along, let's see Jana's space:

Jana had this cute garden statue in her space:

Look at the awesome birdcage:

She had made these cute flowers out of plastic bottles is what I was told:

Look at the coral in this display:

This was Terri's space:

Here's another view:

Some of you may remember Terri and Jana from being at Zapp Hall.  At one time they were in the big tent.  Terri is now at Marburger with Mo and Stephanie, whose space we'll also get to see.

Here's another display of Terri's:

Cute pink tulips in the bottles:

This sold too.

This was Stephanie's space:

She had really unique things:

Here's the crew that put this show together:

I hope it was a good show and they'll continue it.  Don't forget they will be open until Saturday and the flyer with the details is in the post below.  If you want to see more, all you have to do is click here.  Tomorrow I'll show you Mo's place and sometime in a few days I'll show you what Ethel had at her store.


  1. What can I say besides ... WOW! Great stuff here.

    Have a beautiful Mother's Day weekend.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Oh my gosh... I want to go so bad!!! I love ANYTHING Janet's hangin' around in! LOL

    Mo's space looks like somewhere you would have to physically remove me from. And Stephanie's... oh heck - the whole show! LOVE the plastic flowers - how fun!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  3. mo and i loved spending girl time with you! thanks for the always great post! kisses! m & j

  4. Looks like a great show, I'm sure you had a ball with all the gals and goodies! Have a wonderful Mother's Day Theresa! I have my post scheduled for 2:00pm Sunday afternoon. Thanks again!

  5. Good gracious! I am loving everything! Drool drool!
    Thanks again!!

  6. Now this looked like loads of fun T!

  7. Everything looks beautiful! That dress form lamp is awesome! These girls have some obvious talent! Thanks for sharing for those of us too far away, Theresa

  8. I missed getting to see you by about an hour...drat! The show looked gorgeous...I was blown away by all the time and details they put in. Don't forget...Terrie is now at W&T's!
    P.S. I'm back...!sorta

  9. wow what an unbelievable pool of talent! the show looks awesome and i know they'll sell out. love all the talented gals participating especially terri who i missed terribly last time at marburger~~terri hope you'll be back in the fall! bet you had fun girl!


  10. Theresa You're simply the best at keeping us all up to date of what is going on out there. I love that you give us such wonderful pics to drool over even when we can't be there! Keep it comin' girl and thanks for all your hard work!!

  11. Great displays of all the goodies! Thank's for sharing...Julian

  12. gorgeous. Thanks for feeding my antique addiction, any time and every time I come here. xo

  13. Hi TC! Thanks for stopping in and making a comment today. I don't know how in heck you find the time! Ditto what Gail said. It's great to see what's goin' on out there in fun land. Mo's booth has all the stuff I'm always looking for. Thanks for all those great pics. What on earth would we all do without you?

  14. Great post as usual Theresa. I loved all the photos! Thank you for sharing!

  15. It was such a charming sale my husband and I spent the rest of the day thinking how we could make our little home more charming.


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