Friday, May 07, 2010

Rich With History

One of the many benefits of attending the Heap Show on Thursday was getting to spend time with Mo and Janet, shop with the girls, but also getting to see Mo's House after hearing so much about it was such a treat.  Mo said her home was built in the 30's and they were only the third family to live in it.  She even had an old newspaper article that showed how the house was before.  The drive way was positioned at the front of the house rather than the side as it is now.  There were these huge iron gates that led up to the house, which are no more.  Makes you wonder what happened to the gates.  The house sits on a hill and is just so beautiful.  It's a tudor style home that's most definately rich in history.

While the home may have many stories to tell of past families that lived in it, the stories that Mo has of the things she has in it was just so interesting.  As she put it, they kept everything.  From drawings that her children made to items her mother made when they were growing up.

Her mother is a true artist.  Seeing some of her work was just such a treasure.  Actually, this whole family is a treasure.  The Partridge Family doesn't have anything on the Jones/McSwane/Romaine family, they are as genuine as genuine gets!  Just ask anyone.  They are the real deal.

The first place I saw when I walked into Mo's house was the kitchen.  Let me tell you she had this cute purse hanging on the outside door.  As you walk in, there are vintage metal houses all on the top of the shelves and ironstone was in several shelves as sell.  And loving ironstone as I do, she had to just about peal me away from just staring at her collection.  See what I mean:

And this was just a small portion of it. 

See here's more and this cabinet was in her bedroom, which you'll see more of in a second:

This cute plate rack was in her upstairs hall way:
Love that she hung things from the plate rack.

Here's more awesome ironstone:
Makes you wish you could follow her shopping, right.

This is another view of her kitchen shelves:

Now let me just add, not only could ironstone be found here, but there was chintz dishes before it became hot  and collectible, transferware dishes like I've never seen, majolica, and so much more:

I really loved these pitchers:

More pretty things:

I know this picture isn't clear, but this collection of doll dresses was done by her mother and then framed.  What a cute idea:

Let's move on to her bedroom:

Look at this comfy chair, the fabric she had saved just for the right piece:

And isn't this a cute idea, a water sprinkler as a jewelry holder:

There was so much more pictures I took, but sorry they didn't come out clear enough to post.  I'm really going to have to break down and get a new camera.  She had this patriotic room that was just gorgeous.  There were old flag pics and just so much to see.  I got to stay in the Mexican Room as she called it.  It was full of vintage Mexican pottery and the room was painted orange, a pretty orange to match her hand done Mexican throws that were in there.  Sorry Mo I know you had a name for them but right now I can't seem to remember it.  I felt like I was at a resort while staying there.  The bed was so comfy and I just felt so rested upon waking.

If you do not know Mo or Janet, you really need to get to know them.  You can find Mo at the Marburger Farm show in the Spring and Fall and Janet is at the Cole's Antique Show.  I had the best time visiting with them and meeting Mo's family was such a treat as well.  Even her fur babies were cute, yes even Ms. Coach even though she really didn't allow me to pet her.

Happy Mother's Day Mo!!  Thanks again for opening your beautiful home to me. 


  1. love the framed doll dresses and the jewelery holder, how cool...I got a cute card in the mail about this sale, was gonna' stay home this weekend, hmmm, now I'm not so sure... Lezlee

  2. ooohhh sounds like you had so much fun. good for you girl.



  3. OK, I could move right in. What a wonderful home. Thanks for the tour. Have a great weekend. Jan

  4. Mo has such a great house. We were there several years ago. Needless to say it was a treat. She has amazing collections! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. very fun to see mo's house through the eye of your camera! it was one fun week made extra special by your visit! i got home last night and boy am i tired! but it's that good tired! can't wait to see what pics you post from your excursion today! have fun!


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