Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hico Show Preview

To say that the Hico Show was fantastic would be an understatement.  All the vendors worked so hard to put together some of their best displays.  And from talking with them, they seemed to have had a good show.  Since we just got home and I'm pretty beat, here's a quick preview. 

Dorothy of The Shabby Y

This was what was left of Micki and Brandy's space.

Denis of Ruby Grace

Amy of Bloom and Bee Swanky

Linda of Willow Nest Farms

Felecia of Bountiful

The Homestead Store

And, a new Vendor from Fredricksburg, Brenda from Penn River Designs

Here's Felecia with Micki:

Besides, I also want to show you what I found today.  More to follow tomorrow.


  1. Hey girl
    It all looks fantastic!
    Hope you have a happy mom's day!

  2. Wonderful blog!I've been happy to visit your flea-market places in your country,through your vision!
    Have a nice mother's day!


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