Friday, May 21, 2010

Nothing Uncommon Here

Each time I get the opportunity to stop and visit Uncommon Objects in Austin, I am always just blown away at their displays and merchandise they have.  These guys have some of the most unique things I've seen around. 

Well, just take a look for yourself.  This was Donnie Volkart's area.  Love all the birds:

I thought of Anne when I saw the huge hornet's nest.  It was really cool.

I guess stuffed birds are here to stay for a while.  I love to decorate with them and this rooster was fabulous:

Really different than when we decorated with chickens and roosters in the 90's.

Another delightful display:

More great things:

This display of bottles caught my eye:

I'm always on the look out for unique ones.

What a great trophy:

Cute shoes could be found in Steve Wiman's space:

For those that don't know Steve, he's the owner of Uncommon Objects.  Here's another view of his space:

This was Mickie and Brandy's space:

Great columns and lighting.

This is Janette's space:

I always enjoy her displays.

More of Janette's things:

This display of pretties was at the front of the store:

I hope the next time you are in Austin Texas you'll stop by for a visit.  It's worth the two hours you'll spend in there.  No kidding, by the time you see it all, you'll want to go back again just to make sure you didn't miss anything.  You can visit their site here.  Happy Friday to you all!


  1. what a fabulous store...there is inspiration with every turn of your head...thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Gosh, I know! I love going there, and always come away with something GREAT!
    Makes me want to hop in the car and go right now =)

  3. DROOLING>>.>>> I LOVE LOVE LOVE Donnie Volkart and everything he does! OOOOOH I am so jonesing for Texas...thanks Santa Theresa! made my morning...ox

  4. That really is one of the best stores out there, isn't it?

    LOVE that you thought of me! :-)


  5. Wow, what impressing and awesome photos. After I leave this comment I'm going to have to go back and stare some more!! I remember years ago we had a stuffed chicken in our store. Some woman TOTALLY freaked out, and we had to take her out the back gate of the store she was so terrified. Not too long ago, after her "chicken flip out" she came back in and asked me, "do you still have that dead chicken in here"? It took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about, and when I rememberd I started laughing!! I guess that wasn't my best customer service skills, but funny nonetheless!

    Take care, Sue

  6. the creative minds in that store absolutely!

  7. crikey I would LOVE to visit that store sigh....

  8. I have never been, but plan on checking it out in June as we will be there for our lil grandson's 2nd birthday party!! looks like a fun place....Happy Junkin Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

  9. It is certainly true to its name!! I agree...a Great store. Love the pics from there.


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