Friday, June 11, 2010

What did Judy Have?

Since I took over 170 pictures at Judy Hill's home show, I'm going to show it all to you in bits and pieces.  I know you want to see just what all she had and there is so much to see.  Each room was uniquely decorated, as it always is, and it was purely delightful.  The displays are always more than I can even image what Judy will do each time.  Just when you think she possibly can't create another unique vignette, she just does.  A surprise seemed to be around every corner.  I'll start off with the entry way, this is what greated you in the front door:

Each time this entry way is always different, never the same.

This little guy kept begging me to take him home.  What a gorgeous lamp it was. 

Here's another view:

She had grain sacks everywhere:
You'll see more throughout the house.  Look for them as wall hangings and as curtains.

This vignette was just to your left to go to the left side of the house.

Here was the side entry way as you walked into the foyer:

You first come to this green bedroom:

This was the other side of the room:

Moving on to the bathroom that was next to this bedroom, was this cute vignette:

As, you went through another door, this cabinet was in this bathroom:

This was the second bedroom:

Look at this awesome bench:

Moving on down the hall you saw this:

See what I mean about the grain sacks.

Here's another view of the other side of the long hallway:

This was a peek into the third bedroom:

It had two different beds in it:

This was on one side of the bedroom:

And here is another wall:

This was off the 3rd bedroom:

Let's move on to the Living Room:

I think of all the rooms, this was one of my favorites.

Here's another view:

This area was as you walked from the living room to the kitchen:

And this was the other side by the kitchen:

Don't you just love her dining room:

I loved this display of the old window frame:

An over all view of the dining room:

Let's move on to the laundry room:

Yes, you wouldn't believe it was a laundry room if you couldn't see the corner of the dryer.  I've always said I think she has the prettiest laundry room I've ever seen:

Tomorrow, I'll show you the garden house.  Hope you enjoyed the tour, I know I really enjoyed seeing it in person.  But there's so much more to see, so click here to see more.  Tomorrow I'll show you what was at Liz, Fran, Debbie and Danny's sale in Terrell.


  1. What a wonderful home. Is it all for sale of just an open house? Jan

  2. Good gravy, this must be what houses in Heaven look like!!!

  3. Oh my! Love love love it! Thanks so much for sharing her house! Incredible! Love seeing all the ideas!


  4. Her home is just lovely and each room is just amazing! Love the branches in the entry! Everything else, too! Thanks for taking all the photos, I enlarged them all for the yummy details!

  5. Theresa, your pictures are great! And Judy's place is amazing--I just can't get over it! Thanks for sharing a bit of the excitement. I'd probably faint if I actually got a chance to go! JQ

  6. This is so amazing! I just absorbed all your 170 pictures. Thank you so much for sharing these photos! I never saw something alike here in Germany. I'm all in awe! Inspiration overload OMG!

  7. fabulous!I could spend hours and hours in this house...

  8. WOWZER...what a tour...thank you so very much...always a JOY to me to see other's home's.
    The dining room was one of my favorites. It is hard to see what she did with the you have a close up of it by chance ?


  9. Teresa, is that house for real? I have never seen so many beautiful things in one place. Is everything for sale or just some? You are so lucky, getting to visit all those places. Happy travels, Marta.

  10. Beautiful pictures, I just love everything!

  11. Wow, what an amazing house! I love all the pictures but can't get over the laundry room! I think if I had a laundry room like that I would be making excuses to do laundry ALL the time!

    Take care, Sue

  12. Does Judy make slipcovers to sell like the ones on her furniture? I loved the tour. That chandi in the entry hall with all the watches on it was so wonderful!!!! I want to slip cover all my Living Room stuff. Although... HUBBY has a tendancy to be messy. Good thing there is the Den with his Lazy Boy (brown of course). Have a great weekend. Charlene

  13. I want to move in with her. Gosh!!! You really have to have a talent to pull all that off, and I am envious of her home, it's exquisite! Thanx for sharing. Noe I have to get a drool bucket and the mop!

  14. I wanted to come to Texas that week soooo badly ~ and this weekend for the Round Top Show ~ THANKS for all of the pics, I've already looked through them all twice ;) HOpe you have a great show this weekend!!!! xofancy

  15. Exquisitely beautiful bed!love the white pillows and all the linens,looks calming and very romantic indeed. heavenly room. thanks for posting.

  16. THanks so much for your tour...I know how much time this post must have taken you...I really appreciate your effort.
    Happy Holidays t.


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