Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Creating Vintage Style on a White Wednesday

Happy Wednesday to you all!  Today is another one of Kathleen's White Wednesday's and for this post I wanted to show you some images from the "Creating Vintage Style" book that I recented picked up from Jo Harmon when I was at her place this past month.  I've mentioned Jo several times on my blog and all the great things she has.  You can search my blog on the side bar for posts that I've done on her. 

I've had several inquire about the header photo I'm using and it's from this book. 

This work area caught my eye because of the industrial chairs and large work area.  Wouldn't you like to have cabinets like that to hold all your things and a long table like this one.  And look at those industrial lights, just awesome.

This pretty bathroom was so simple and pretty:

And of course who wouldn't like a tub like that one.

The stillness of the flowers on the farmtable in the flower metal urns looks so pretty:

I'm fortunate to have several metal urns such as these pictured.

And, the last photo with the canopy blowing in the wind was so peaceful:

I wish the Texas weather wasn't so hot to be able to have this on our place.  The heat wouldn't let you stay out for one minute.  I guess we all dream for cooler weather.

I hope you'll stop by and visit Kathleen's blog and see all the other White Wednesday participants.


  1. Great photos, as always. Loved all the industrial chairs! Our weather is weird here this year. We are still in the upper 60's! I think that is going to change next week, but it has been kind of nice.

    Take care, Sue

  2. This looks like a great book, I need to check it out, LOVE that new header!

  3. Girl it is hot here too. Just a good day to stay inside and sit in the air-conditioning and enjoy my favorite blogs.....that would be you!

  4. Looks like my kind of book. Love all the photos from it.

    Stay cool! We've finally warmed up here, but can you believe Monday barely hit 60 and today was 95.....only in Oregon. I'm not complaining because i've really been needing this warmer weather.


  5. I was going to comment on your header photo - that bed is just dreamy............. thank you

  6. Oh my that last photo...can you imagine having a spot like die for!!!!! x0x0

  7. hello sweet t. thanks for wishing me well, i think it's starting to work... i must get this book and still can't believe there is one i don't own already... good luck this weekend at the show.



  8. Very lovley photos, seems like an awesome book... I do have a tub like that, but mine is red, I posted about it yesterday...Lezlee

  9. I love every picture - how can I get a copy of your friends book- beautiful post as always...


  10. Your BLOG looks great! Glad I am out and about again, as they say. Plan on trying to get caught up to what all you gals are doing and come shop and see you in September at Warrenton. Love ya, Donna


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