Friday, July 09, 2010

Shopping in Texas

Since it's Friday and the Summer Soiree is tomorrow, I just wanted to send out one more reminder about the show:

Happy Friday to you all.  Hope to see you there.


  1. can,t wait till tomorrow, Bryan has already unloaded a lot of great things, and Camille dropped off a lot last night, and we will see you this afternoon, yeah... Allison is on her way with a trailer full, it should be great.. and it appears the rain has taken a break... life is good indeed..

  2. Howdy Theresa!
    Thank you so much for your kind words. So bored with icky I am getting myself back on-line. And of course my first stop is to visit your wonderful blog!

    I bet your all's heat is as bad as ours here in Tennessee. I remember a summer in Killen TX long ago before I went to Europe. 118 degrees and we had a swamp cooler. Plus the wonderful locus came to visit. Still I LOVED Texas!

  3. what a great header you put up!! I would love to go to that - but too far...
    have a great time!!

  4. Have fun! It looks like it will be a great group. I get to see Ms Tot at Brimfield next week....yay!

  5. If only. I'm sure it will be to die for.:)

    Please join us for the FrenchGardenHouse Table Linen GIVEAWAY~Lidy

  6. Thank you for your sweet offer of support during Hubby's health issues. Oh I am soooooooooo out of the loop!!!! I thought this was last weekend & I had missed it. Hmmmmmmmm wonder if I could talk him into a ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!! If I do... I'll look for you. Charlene

  7. Your photography just gets better. I love the header you have now. Thanks for reminding me I want to see that gorgeous shop in Burton. :)PJ

  8. We will be with you in spirit. Know you will have a fantastic show! Break a leg!


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