Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy July 4th Sunday

to you.  Can you believe we are already in July and the year just seems to have flown by.  It's Independance Day and I hope you and your family enjoy the day.

(This photo was taken many years ago when I was in a shop and I always liked the Americana feel to it.)


  1. Great photo!
    Have a wonderful celebration!

  2. I love the "red, white, and blue"! Especially those white, chippy columns in the background!

    Happy 4th,

  3. great photo and beautiful blog!

  4. Teresa, love the new header!! Or is it not new and I'm just noticing it. I may be a little slow! Happy 4th! Enjoy the holiday!


  5. I love the bed in your new header cool is that!!!

    Hope you had a great day, I'm sittin' inside watchin' the fireworks from afar...too many skeeters out tonight and the humidity, one might think it was July...have a great week Theresa!


  6. Hi Theresa,Happy 4th to you too...I can't seem to find your email so I'm emailing thur the comments(lol)...OK,this is Charlie and Carolyn you helped get a camping spot last spring @ Warrington(hoping u remember us?),anyway my ? is... how soon do you notify Darrold about a camp site for this fall...called once @home and once @cell and no response...don't want to bug him to death(haha),but would really like to camp there this fall...if you could email me back would owe you again,haha...thanks Carolyn


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