Saturday, July 03, 2010

Carolyn Westbrook's Store Front (Update)

UPDATE: I just spoke to Carolyn and she wanted to let all her loyal customers know that since the Dallas Morning News' article on her shop opening had the date listed as July 6th, she has decided to have her twilight opening night on this day rather than the 8th.  So please SAVE THE DATE and go see her shop on the 6th from 4-7pm.

Hope you all are having an awesome Saturday.  If you're in our neck of the woods we've had tons of rain from our first Tropical Storm of the season.  While the rain is good and I know we need it, it's made it hard for me to get my things ready for the Summer Soiree that's next Saturday, July 10th.  Now before I tell you about this next event, well actually you'll have to wait until next week for the details, I wanted to share something else with you.

Carolyn Westbrook has opened a Summer Store front for the next few weeks.  She'll have all her signature linens at wholesale prices (now this will be well worth going to her shop) and her one of a kind treasures.  The store is located in Dallas at 5211 Bonita in Dallas.

To kick off her event, she will have twilight shopping next Thursday, July 8th, from 4-7 pm, then you can shop her store from Tuesday through Saturday.   You also know she has a new book coming out this Fall and... (well I know how much you hate teasers but you'll have to wait for the rest of what I'll announce about her, so keep watching my blog).

Be sure and check her store out if you are in the Dallas area.  Click here for more details.


  1. You have a VERY cool new header! Oh how I wish oh wish I could be in Dallas for CWs opening! Good luck getting your show ready--wish I could get there too! Jacqueline

  2. wow, where did you get that header shot? It's beautiful!



  3. I have to chime in on that header photo, too. It's gorgeous! Also, I love that font! It's a winner!

  4. Oh my goodness, I am dying over your new header!! It is just fantastic!! Great job with the photo!
    Happy 4th.

  5. What wonderful gatherings!! Sometimes I wish Texas wasn't so far away. I just saw Linda and Ludmil in Kansas City, so at least I got to have a little bit of Texas up here!!


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