Monday, August 16, 2010

Are You Ready For Fall

This weekend as I was outside working in the heat and getting my things ready for Judy's Show on August 28, I was wishing for cooler weather.  I am so ready for Fall time.  So, in between being outside and coming inside to cool off, I came across the show The Fabulous Beekman Boys.  They were planning a Fall Harvest event and showed The American Hotel.  It looked so pretty decked out for the Fall that I just had to share it with you.  I also looked it up and what a great place to visit, so quaint.

While we are a few weeks from the first day of Fall, maybe if we wish hard enough it'll turn cooler before then.  So tell me, are you ready for Fall.


  1. Oh yes, it is ridiculously hot isn't it? I feel so sorry for folks who have to work out in it. Fall sounds really nice!!

  2. I think everyone is ready for the Fall! There is just something special about it. I just started watching the Beekman guys, and I love, love, love them!

    Take care, Sue

  3. SOOOOO READY!!! I always have a ton more energy and creative ideas in the fall. Don't get too hot down there!!

  4. Oh yes, I am SO ready for cooler weather! I just stay inside too much during this hot weather! I miss the outdoors!

  5. I'm sooooo ready for fall, matter of fact I think I am ready for winter! I'm so tired of this heat, I can't hardly stand to walk outside! I just don't even feel like doing anything until it cools off!

  6. FALL... That means COOLER weather right???? My poor brain is so fried from all this heat I can't remember FALL! How about you? Have you had enought HOT YET? I am dying to go see your new shop but, have to wait until Hubby has his surgery & is on the mend again. Charlene

  7. So ready for fall I love it more then summer...I love sweaters....pumkins, changing of the trees.... and I love the Beekman guys....

  8. I am so past ready for fall. This summer has been unbearable. I have a show to do in October and have a new booth opening Sept 1st and it has been so hard getting things painted as it has to be done inside due to humidity.
    Bring on fall. Bring on pumpkins, mums, and colored- falling leaves.
    I am ready. ..... sooooo ready.

  9. Hello Thresa, yes I am ready for Fall. Love your new header. sandi

  10. I hear tell that we will be getting some cooler temps around the last week of October :)
    It's just 2 more months ;)
    Can't wait till Fall, My favorite time of year.

  11. BRING IT ON!!! lol I am ready for crisp air, the sweet change of leaves and a different wardrobe! But I am a bit bias, as fall is my favorite season! Hugs!

  12. I love the Beekman Boys and have just finished reading both of Josh's books which are terrific. We also spent the weekend in NYC which had a high of about 82... gorgeous.

    I'm now determined to will fall and cooler weather here starting Sept 1. I'll give in and admit there's no hope for coolness in August!

  13. I am certainly looking forward to fall, the crisp air & blue, sunny favorite!!! Being from CA, we don't get much in the way of color...but I think I may be going back to MD in Oct to visit my brother & see the leaves change. How fun right...I can't wait!!!

  14. I love your header!! Is that someone local?? See you soon. Judy www/

  15. More than ready for the fall. The junk I've been collecting and storing is taking on harvest colors.
    I this header too.


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