Monday, November 29, 2010

French Christmas

I received the newest issue of the Jeanne d' Arc Living Christmas Magazine and thought I'd start my first series of Christmas Decorating with this issue.  I am loving all that I see each time with this magazine, which to me is more like a book.

This special edition features Christmas at French homes and as their sub-title says "in the french inspired home".  If you haven't had the opportunity to at least look at this book, I'd highly recommend getting your hands on at least one issue.  I know it's pricey and more than most will pay for a magazine, but so worth it.

Take a look:


Of course with the French home or any home for that matter, you have to start out with the Christmas tree.  Whether real or not, large or just a small table top, it's just not Christmas unless you have some type of tree.

I featured this picture a while back as my blog header:


I love old ice skates and the feel they give to your home.  They remind me of my childhood.  While we never had our lakes freeze over so that I could go ice skating, there was always a man made ice skating rink that I remember going to.

So simple and pretty:


A candle just makes things seem alright or at least I think so.  I could stare at a candle for hours and just dream away.

A simple olive branch means so much:


Since there aren't olive branches in my area, I like to use rosemary or bay leaves.

The cross:


I have crosses in several places of my home and I especially love rosaries.  While I may not be a Catholic, that still doesn't stop me from wearing rosaries.  I just love to wear them and they remind me of my faith each day.

Baby Jesus:


I love using the manger scenes in my home.  It does remind us of what Christmas is really all about, don't you think.

The Virgin Mary:


Such a statement is made with no words.  I have a wonderful Virgin Mary garden statue and she stands proudly in my garden.

And last but not least, Angels:


Don't we all need to be surrounded with Angels, especially with all the crazy things that go on in our world.  I'm sure there are times I put my angels to work extra duty for me.  Thank you Angels. 

I hope these French Inspired ideas inspires you to add a few touches such as these to your home this season.  All images used are from the Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine and if you are interested in purchasing this magazine, please email and I'll be happy to share my source with you. 

Joyeux Noël


  1. Hi Theresa,
    Just beautiful!! I would love for my home to look like this!!
    Can I find this magazine at Barnes & Noble, or do I have to have to order it online?
    Great post!
    Have a lovely day.

  2. Beautiful ... love them all.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. My friend and I swapped issues so we could both be inspired, this one was hers and I loved it while I had it! Really beautiful and inspiring, I am thinking a quiet, peaceful, and dreamy Christmas is just what we need here @ 612. Theresa xoxo

  4. T,
    How can I get a copy of this magazine? I can't find it here!! UGH!!
    Verging on passing out again!!!

  5. Where in the world do you find all these gorgeous places to photograph, sweetpea? They are fantastic places, truly.

    Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. I'm sure it's a great loss to all of you.


  6. Beautiful Theresa!
    i love each and every image... i love that you keep a rosary just to remind you of your faith.
    i can't wait to get my magazine, i need a little inspiration to get me started this year.
    i hope that you had a great thanksgiving holiday!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, Theresa!

    Hey, did I tell you that I'll be seeing you at the Red Barn show
    in January? Can't wait to see you and my jacket again. :-)


  8. I ordered it too & so far I've not spent much time with it -- everyone wants to borrow it. I love the way they decorate with what they have -- & never make a trip to Hobby Lobby. tomorrow I'm going to start, hopefully. Jan

  9. I ordered it too & so far I've not spent much time with it -- everyone wants to borrow it. I love the way they decorate with what they have -- & never make a trip to Hobby Lobby. tomorrow I'm going to start, hopefully. Jan

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! I adore how they tell us to go into the forest to get some pine and flowers, makes me smile every time they say it.

  11. Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. Great pictures. Love your header wreath and your beautiful front porch. The white trees look fantastic at night! Just got home from TG and you've given me some great inspiration to get Christmas decorating started tomorrow.

  13. Such lovely and serene Christmas it speaks peace to me....blessings to you Theresa

  14. Theresa,
    This was a really pretty post and I loved being reminded of the true meaning of Christmas! Thank you!

  15. Amazing & beautiful inspiration for the Christmas season.

  16. Amazing & beautiful inspiration for the Christmas season.

  17. Oh Teresa...
    I love all the beautiful images & Christmas inspiration you've shared with us!!!
    My favorite has got to be the statue of Mary with her amzing that!
    Miss you my dear...Texas is calling my name!

  18. Hi Theresa,
    I just love it all. I go over and over their magazines, they are my most cherished. So simple...yet so beautiful.
    Have a wonderful French Holiday!

  19. I have never seen the magazine but now I want to, thanks. so happy you stopped by. Love the pics all serene and tranquil.
    always so lovely here...


  20. Everything is just so beautiful and Christmasy and it's cold and windy and blustery, a typical Iowa winter begins...and it ain't even winter yet, but you can feel the holiday in the air! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  21. I enjoy your blog and so many others. So, I started my own today. Please drop by and see me.
    Please help me pass it on. Keep in mind today was my very first time, so I hope to get better and someday look likes yours. Richard


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