Sunday, December 05, 2010

American Pickers Dream

I know you've heard of the guys of the American Pickers show, while some are die hard fans that faithfully watch the show or maybe you don't and you've just seen them in passing, either way, I stopped at a place the other day that could be considered as the American Picker's Dream place to stop.

The junk is literally piled higher and deeper and you have to crawl on top of stuff to just reach what you think might be something good.  For fun I thought I'd show you some pics of this place:

I may go back and get this arbor.  It was cool but even pricey at a junk shop.

A lot of us strive for this look when we are setting up our displays, but here it just comes naturally:


Loved loved this, but again a bit pricey:

junk shop

Yes, you would think prices would be better here, but I get the feeling the owner doesn't really care if anything sells.  He's just happy to have more junk.

See what I mean about all the junk piled up:


And this was a pretty cool looking cubby piece.  Lots of metal things were in this back part of this area.  I did find a few pieces.  He didn't even give me discount for hauling them up to the front, oh well, at least I was happy.  Sanford and Son would have been happy here too, it kind of reminded me of them.  

It could be a little scary digging through things here because you didn't know if you moved something if a snake, spider, or angry wasps would come toward you. I guess with the cooler weather we've had in Texas we didn't encounter any of these and it didn't seem to mind the owner that you dig around in his property. After all, this is a true "junk shop". Now, just don't ask me where it's at, I do have to keep some things a secret you know!!
Check back this week for several great places we stopped at and two Open Houses we went to this weekend.  Can't wait to show them to you.  Happy Sunday!!


  1. Oh my, I would have been there for hours and hours!! How fun to come across a place like that--I'm so envious!!!

  2. Oh what fun it would be to dig around in there for a while, looks like there could be some great hidden treasure in the pile!!!

  3. That's the kind of place I would send Cat Daddy into while I waited in the truck for him to hold things up for approval!

  4. I you lived in Ky. you wouldn't have to worry about snakes or spiders, much to cold here for them! lOl! Girl that looks like a great place to shop! You know who is gonna want to know where that's at! And I don't mean me! Ha! Hope you got some great stuff there!

  5. I love American Pickers! That place looks like a fun place to find treasure...I hope you found some!

  6. Looks just like a place we went to when we live in MO and same thing it was pricey too and we said he must just like the junk to pile up too ..LOL !!! Maybe sometime soon if you keep going back he'll finally break down and give you a bargain..

    Merry Christmas ..Sara

  7. You are a brave soul, but then, sometimes junk brings that out in all of us. I suppose I would have had a tough time resisting the adventure, too.

    Happy hunting,

  8. seriously girl, that does look like a dream! funfunfun!

  9. Ohhhhh, now that looks like a day of real fun. I do not run across places like that often. Thanks for sharing with us. sandi


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