Saturday, December 04, 2010

Burlap Christmas ~ Part II

Here is the second post from Judy's Open House yesterday, A Burlap Christmas.  Each time I've gone back and looked at her ideas, I'm inspired even more.

In this picture, this was one side of the main bedroom:

I just loved the white sideboard and mirrors against the brown walls. 

This was on the other side of the room:


It's hard to tell from this picture but this table was just fabulous.

Silent Night:

More than one meaning for sure.

As you walked out this was in the hallway:

These pretty things were in the living room:

Look at this awesome coffee table:

Yes it's a cot with glass on top.  So cleaver.

I just loved the netting draped over the table:

Look at these cute chairs drapped with her white washed bedding line:

Can't you just imagine sitting here and reading a good book:

This pretty vignette was on the other side of the room:

Here Christmas tree filled with all kinds of unusual things:

This sitting area is between the living room and kitchen:

Another view of it:

A pile of dishes never looked so pretty:

I just loved this display case being used as a kitchen island:

I told you Judy's cleaver, always thinking outside the box.

Now walking into her laundry room, you see this:

Heading into her dining room was her table:

This tub filled with Christmas cheer was on one side of the dining room wall:

In one corner of the room was this vignette:

I'm told this great industrial cart was filled with wonderful things but it had sold:

Look at this fabulous light:

Can you guess what it was.

Another view of the dining room:

I just had to show you these burlap curtains as you walked from the entry way into the living room:

This was her checkout area on the back porch, wasn't it cute:

The area where the food was even decorated:

This is the last of the Burlap Christmas.  Be sure and visit Judy's blog.  Happy weekend to you all.


  1. OMGoodness! This part was better than the first! I don't know where she comes up with all this inventory! I have a hard time finding things these days! Just fabulous!

  2. I think my favorite thing was the twin washtubs...and the cot.

  3. This is amazing! Thanks for taking us there. Jan

  4. That is one amazingly decorated house, Theresa! How fun it must have been to walk around and have some nibbles while taking in all the fabulous ideas. Love the checkout area too!

  5. ...jaw dropping stunning I tell ya'!
    Everything is just glorious!
    My favorite are all those ruffley chairs lined up at the window!!
    Thank you for sharing all these wonderful images with those of us that could not attend:)
    At least now we can dream about such beauty!
    xo, Rosemary

  6. I had to drop back by and just say...why on earth won't Cheryl start blogging? I've tried and tried to get her to start one...she is such an inspiration.
    P.S. I meant to add this on my earlier comment and well you know...squirrel!

  7. It just keeps getting better... I'm so upset I didn't get to go and see all this beauty in person, but I'm so thankful that you took so many great pictures to share with us!

  8. love the curtains, the burlap ceiling, the drying rack with the ornaments and the cot as a coffee table, judy is the master...


  9. All i can say in my BEST Texas accent is...
    Thanks for sharing friend,

  10. Amazing! Everything is my favorite...breathtaking. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure to Judy's house. And thanks for stopping by!

  11. Thank you sooo much for taking us on such an amazing field trip...OMGoodness! The incredible talent!!! There was something to die over in every room...wish I lived closer!!
    Happy Holidays

  12. thank you so much for the pics. I was sad that I had to miss it this year due to illness, but am glad I can view it through your lens.


  13. This was amazing! My mind is reeling with ideas. Not just for Christmas but for all year and for dispay ideas for my booth.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Elizabeth Ann

  14. I could look at pics of her house all day! By chance did the lamp use to be an old fashioned hair dryer?

  15. Wow, just stunning. It is truly inspiring.
    bliss farm antiques

  16. Wow, thanks so much for posting all those photos! I just loved going over every detail.
    I am also drooling over the photo on your banner! I think it's my dream tablescape/garden room! Can you share which Country Living Holidays edition the photo is from?

  17. Hi Rita, I went to leave you a comment but could not see if you have a blog or not. It's an older issue that I scanned the photo from a while back, if I come across the issue I'll let you know. Thanks to all for your great comments!

  18. Wow! So beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing these photos with us! I love how she used the store display case in the kitchen!

  19. I've been to her house!!! I have the most beautiful old floor lamp from her. i need to go back and visit. Thanks for sharing, I'm following!



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