Friday, December 03, 2010

Burlap Christmas

I promised several posts this month about different types of Christmas decorating and this one will just knock your socks off.  Judy called her Open House, A Burlap Christmas!  It was just amazing, over the top, the ideas that she comes up with, like my last post said "Speechless".  I was in awe when I walked up and Billy said you should have been here early this morning to have seen it all.  I wish I had after what I did see, but my hubby and I made a quick trip to the Canton Texas Flea Market before heading down the road to Kilgore.

Judy just amazes me with what she does.  Since I took so many pictures I will have to do this post in several ones, but at least here's a start.  Take a look for yourself.

As you walked up to Judy's house, this is what greeted you:

Her porch all decked out and festive looking:

Here's the beautiful burlap entrance that set the theme for her whole house:

Of course as you walk up the stairs, there's her front door, just gorgeous:

A side view of all the lovely greens she had:

And as the door can't even imagine what's inside:

Look at this tree in the middle of the entry way:

Stand back, here's another view:

From the side as you walk in, you see this display:

Now, stand in front of it:

I don't know which way to turn, so I turn to the left hallway and this is what's there, waiting to be stared at:

Little coin purses used as art.

Then as I turn around there's this wonderful zink table:

As I go down the hallway to the first bedroom, look at these gorgeous funeral/flower baskets:

I've collected funeral baskets for a long time and have quite a collection.

We are now to the first bedroom.  Sorry about the glare:

Here's another view:

This gorgeous dresser filled with goodies was on one side of the room:

And this one was on the other side:

Look at the cart in the corner and can you see all the mercury lamps, wow:

Suitcases stacked:

Remember the stack of suitcases I had in my booth at Warrenton?  See, this is what you can do with them.

We are now entering into a small dressing area:

If you turn around this is what you see:

And on the other wall as you leave out, there was this cute tree:

Stepping inside the bathroom, you see this display:

And into the second bedroom, this is what you were greeted with:

Burlap Heaven!!

Can you imagine sleeping under this:

You are guaranteed to dream sweet dreams.

Of course it wouldn't be complete without angel wings:

There were no gold paved streets, but there were plenty of gold colored Christmas balls instead:

And as you leave this room, still more:

You'll have to wait until the next post to see what other great displays Judy had.  Hope you are enjoying what you are seeing so far.  Now, next time don't miss her Open House if you live in Texas.  And next time, I won't be late.  I heard Judy say that she continues to sell in her home even after the Open Houses have ended and if you see something you like you might contact her to see if it's still for sale, her blog is JHill Designs.

I'm also linking up with Debra with this post, so please be sure and check out her blog for other Chrismas inspiration ideas. Happy Friday!!


  1. Isn't that house just amazing?!! I particularly love the entrance. Theresa, can't wait for you to show more of Judy's genius.

  2. What a stunning display of imagination!
    Judy is so talented! Would love to work as an assistant to her for one of her shows.. just helping her create these awesome displays!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wow! OMGoodness! I can't believe I missed this! That woman is the man! LOL! She does amazing work! I can't wait to see more, this is a great post! Gonna tell people on my blog to come check this post out!

  4. OMG!!!!!!!I loved burlap before but now.....That woman is a true artist and it must have taken her the longest time to creat such gorgeousness!!!!!!! Are the rugs burlap too? I wonder if she keeps some of the things up all year, minus the Christmas decorations. So many questions!!!!!THANK YOU for sharing with us. You are the best. Can't wait to see more of this amazing home. It should be in magazines:)
    ~Debra XXX
    P.S. Can you tell us if she has a blog too?

  5. Oh. My. Gracious. This is leaving me speechless. There's nothing else to say about this eye candy. Inspiration!
    Becky C

  6. Everything is just GORGEOUS Theresa!!!!! Oh my goodness...and that burlap on the ceiling EVEN THOUGH I saw a ceiling fan! I've always dreamed of doing this but thought the fan would make it impossible! I hope you are doing wonderful sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  7. I missed going to Judy's. I went to Canton on Wednesday and then headed to West Texas on Thursday. Now I am headed back to the Dallas area. I just knew you would go and take fabulous photos so I would feel like I had actually been there!

  8. It's all so beautiful, but I knew it would be! Judy always does an amazing job decorating, she's so talented! I'm just sorry I didn't get to go.. I had planned to go but wasn't feeling well, so thanks to you for sharing these wonderful pictures with us!

  9. Thanks so much for the tour. It was amazing as usual. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Jan

  10. WOW!!!!!!!!! Everywhere you turn there was wonder!!! What was that in the hallway that had the ornaments hung on it? I couldn't tell what it was but, it was great! I have to go to this sometime! Thanks for sharing.

  11. My brain is fried after looking at all these AMAZING photos! My gosh she sure knows what she's doin! I would need smelling salts for sure!
    What a dreamland!
    Thanks soooo much for sharing all this goodness!

  12. Such a pleasant time looking at the stunning pics and great inspration....

  13. Wow, would I have loved to be there. Just amazing. The front porch alone is enough to have gone! I'm going to have to go back thru your slide show! Thanks for sharing all this with us for VIF!!
    love ya bunches,

  14. Beautiful in pictures... I can only imagine (and dream) how even prettier in person.

  15. Hello all, Judy's blog is JHill Designs located on my side bar and I also updated this post with it. I believe she keeps things up if she's not doing a show. She does the Red Barn Antique Show in Round Top Tx in January and June and The Marburger Farms Antique Show in the Spring and Fall. You can click on her blog to see her beautiful bedding she sells and if there's something in the pictures you are interested in you might contact her to see if it's still for sale. She is talented beyond words.

  16. The price of burlap in the stock market just skyrocketed!

  17. I always look forward to seeing Judy's home, what a treat!!!! She is soooo creative!

  18. Theresa,
    Wow, you are so right. Over the top awesome-ness! The ceiling all puffed up is my fave. I bought several things from Judy in Round Top, her space was jaw dropping but I've never been to her house sale. She was very nice too! Thanks for sharing these.
    PS Your comment today touched me very much. Your a real sweetie.

  19. Wow. That house is stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  20. That is just amazing! You can tell that a true artist lives there! Theresa xoxo

  21. Hello Theresa,
    Wow, lucky you to visit this talented lady's house! It is just gorgeous! Thanks so much for signing up to follow my new humble blog. I'm amazed by all you blogging ladies out there!
    - Susan

  22. My goodness she is uber talented...I would have loved to have seen all of it in person! Thanks ever so much for sharing all these great pics!
    Have a grea weekend!
    Tammy :-)

  23. Now that's what I call purging...but what a profitable way of doing it and fun too!!!

    Thanks for sharing T...


  24. Wow. I'm a displaced Texan (we're in CO at the moment, thanks to the Army!) and I can't believe I've never seen her stuff. LOVE it all. I'm on my way over to see her blog now!

  25. Just mind boggling, so stunning! Lezlee

  26. Ooooh Theresa, this is so beautiful! Judy has so much talent at creating magic. I loved everything, but if I had to pick a favorite, I think it would be the frame with the little coin purses in it. Her porch was amazing too!
    Thank you so much for taking us with you.

  27. This place leaves me breathless! Wish I could have been there, she is so, so very talented! And I love your blog so I'm now your latest follower.

  28. I am in Awe ~ Breathtakingly Beautiful.....


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