Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas in McKinney on a White Wednesday

I met up with Nancy of Ella Elaine on Sunday to go to Smitten's Open House (which I'll talk more about in another post) and then she so kindly offered me the opportunity to go to the McKinney Home Tour to see Seema's House.  Seema lives in The Nayak home, which is a Victorian style with Neo-Classical elements that was built in 1906.  Her home features three diagonal fireplaces and four original stained glass windows and GET THIS, it's for sale.  Once you see the pictures you are going to want to live in this home, it's just gorgeous inside and out.

I was just in awe at all the pretty vignette's that Seema had. Her house was so beautifully displayed!!  She said at one time she was an antique dealer, you can tell, she has a great eye for displays and finding wonderful things.

To continue with my posts on the different types of Christmas decorating, this one could have been titled Vintage Christmas Decorating. There were wonderful old things piled within containers and at every turn your eye caught something wonderful. While she may have had a lot of things, it was tastefully displayed. I just loved it all.

Look at this with the urns, dress form, and it all goes together so beautifully:
McKinney Home Tour-EE

Look at all this, study this picture, I am just in awe at all the great things that are in this vignette. 

Here's a close up view:

mckinney places 036

Who would have thought that an old sweeper would be so pretty:

mckinney places 037

Love this.

As you round the corner in the dining room, is this fabulous display:


And would you believe this is in the dining room too:


I love all these colors.

This cute birdbath was next to the display case:


So simple and so cute.

Look at all these cute things:


Loved the stocking.

All of these wonderful things were piled on her table:


As you moved into the living area was this:


Wow, I could stare it for a while.

Here's a close up view:

mckinney places 038

Another absolutely beautiful area:


I really liked these things:


Nancy had these cute wreaths in her booth at the Antique Company Mall:


There may still be some left.

As you head outside on the side porch were these cute things:

mckinney places 035
The wreath was made out of corn husks.

Another view of her porch:

mckinney places 034

This believe it or not was outside on her porch:

mckinney places 033

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Seema's home:

mckinney places 032

Some of the pictures I borrowed from Nancy's blog since my camera battery decided to die, so please hop over and check out her blog too.  And, if you are looking for the Jeanne d'Arc Living Issue, she said she has a couple of copies left, so you might contact her on her blog for this as well.

I'll be doing a post on Smitten later this week so please stay tuned.  Happy Wednesday and if you check out Kathleen's blog you'll be inspired by the other White Wednesday participants.


  1. Such a wonderful home filled to the rafters with treasures!

  2. One awesome decor! Love the bird bath idea ...

    Have a beautiful Christmas ~
    TTFN ~

  3. what an amazing house! That woman should be in the biz!

  4. I SO enjoyed our Sunday afternoon together. I found out that was a pastry stand that the cream wreaths were displayed on. Smart idea...

  5. LOVE her home!!!!!WOW what wonderful displays:) Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  6. I so much enjoyed this T.! It's a mind blow! Jacqueline

  7. As I looked at the photos, I kept saying, "Oh, THAT one's my favorite! No, THAT one! No, it's for sure THIS one!" I think the porch photo wins. I love the swing and the pink dresser! Thanks for posting such wonderful photos!

  8. I'm LOVING the turquoise!!!


    ;-D robelyn

  9. I am speechless, wow!!!
    So much beauty to see here!


  10. This is an amazing house. Thanks for the intoduction. I want to go shopping with you! What's on tap next? I do need to come out to McKinney and see you!

  11. My eyes hurt from starring so hard. I'll comment quickly then I have to go look again. My faves. The sweeper (about the coolest trash to treasure ever), her unusual frames, the tufted settee, oh never mind - it's all AWESOME!
    PS Is that the girl in the back corner by your booth?

  12. Holy Moly Theresa,
    I can't believe her home, it is just stunning!! I can't believe it's an actual home, it looks like a shop, it's just gorgeous!
    Wonderful post!
    Have a great night, and I love your header!!!

  13. Beautiful Home and fabulous collections, I agree, her flair for displaying the lovelies in fabulous vignettes is evident... a feast for the eyes! Can't imagine wanting to sell a property like that... if I owned it I'd be content to stay until I passed from time into eternity!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  14. I am swooning. Can't imagine how long it must take her to do all of that, but I love it!


  15. Adore the photos of Seema's fabulous home - just gorgeous!


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