Saturday, December 11, 2010

Marion's Christmas Decorating

During October I took you to Marion's house to show you what she does for Halloween and this time I wanted to show you her Christmas decorating ideas.  To continue with my Christmas posts of different Christmas ideas, let's go into her house through her back door, because it's just so cute:

marion 021

Look at the cute skate wreath.  But before we step inside, let's look at what else she had on the back porch:

marion 020

There were so many pretty things here.  I was with her when she bought the red deer.  We were at the Cat Springs Antique Show.

As you walk into her kitchen from the back door, this is her kitchen table:

marion 016

Very festive and simple, wouldn't you agree.  I really liked it.

This is her kitchen window:

marion 019

Even this gets the Christmas decorating.

This cabinet was filled with ironstone and Christmas things in her kitchen:

marion 018

Can't go wrong with ironstone, even at Christmas.

Another view of the cute cabinet:

marion 017

As you walk into her dining room, you can see just one of several trees she has throughout her home:

marion 013

Walking through the hall, is her bathroom:

marion 006

She has one of the cutest ones I've seen and this is her new cabinet she just recently bought.  Isn't it pretty.

So many cute pillows were on the bed:

marion 010

I've always loved this gray dresser:

marion 009

Naturally so since she bought it from me.  Look at the cute tree on it.

This cute vignette showed some of her very old doll lamps:

marion 008

There are just fabulous.

Going back into her living room, these cute things were on her coffee table:

marion 005

And here is her pretty main tree:

marion 004

And then going back out the front door is this cute area:

marion 002

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas:

marion 001

Can't you just imagine that!

Hope you enjoyed touring Marion's home:

marion 003

I know I always do when I've been there.  It's always so festive and pretty no matter what time of year you go.   Now on to my own decorating.  I'm just now getting my tree put up and then before I know it'll be time to take it down.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Adorable and festive:) Puts me in the Christmas spirit for sure.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Every time you show photos of Marion's home, they take my breath away! Take me with you next time!


  3. I think of Marion's house often when it is time to decorate for some season. She certainly has talent. I have never seen another person put things together as she does. Merry Christmas to you and yours,

  4. Simply charming! I would love to pop over for a cup of tea...I'm thinking Marion and I see the world in the same way! :) too, of course!
    Take care, Laura

  5. Wow it is a dream house, it all is so beautiful. I saw a fern on the porch, ha... it wouldn't last long here.
    It is all very inspiring though, thanks so much for the tour

  6. Oh, I loved this. That front porch is amazing, so inviting and reflecting of her personality!

  7. Thank you for the lovely tour...I would love to study every detail, so pretty!

  8. What a fabulous house! I love all the decorations and the mood.

  9. Love those ice skate wreaths! Very pretty inside and out!


  10. Back door friends are the best. Her home is just that...a home! Lovely.
    P.S. For the longest I thought her first and middle names were My Friend!

  11. So pretty, the time is takes to do that is nothing compared to the talent it takes to dream it. Beautiful!

  12. Marion's home is so lovely and charming! Thanks for the peek inside!

  13. Marion has wonderful taste! Cute stuff everywhere! She really needs a shop of her own! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Marion's home is beautifully decorated for Christmas! She has such an amazing flair. I love it when you take us with you. PLEASE take us again soon.

  15. marion has a fabulous touch with her decor. love the tour, thanks for taking us along. merry christmas to you and cruz.




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