Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Comfort & Joy Christmas

Each Christmas season when magazines produce special holiday magazines, I have saved them all.  Bookmarked them many times, reference them for ideas, and reach for them when I need seasonal inspiration.  Country Living Holidays issue was one that I have saved and looked at over and over to the point where the magazine pages are bent and no the newness most defintately wore off a long time ago.  One article that caught my eye was the one done on Cheryl Rogers-Parks' Florida home.


I loved the "PEACE" letters the first time I saw them.

Here's a bigger view of her porch:


In Florida, as in Texas, you can sit on a porch almost 90% of the year.

I even use sea shells all year as well:


It's the texture and beauty of them that I love.

Her living room is done is creams and neutrals:


Loved the slipcovered couch.

Here's another pretty view:


Her dining room has more great slipcovered chairs:


I also am drawn to all her cake plate stands.

I just loved the following images:





The images were taken from the Country Living Holiday Issue, 2004 edition.  I still have several more posts to go of different Christmas decorating ideas.  I hope you'll check back for them.  Hope you all have a great rest of the week.


  1. Love this post Theresa - thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I remember seeing her home in a magazine long ago. I love her home! The whites and soft greens, the vintage treasures and my favorite were the clock faces!!! It's what got me loving using clocks and clock faces in decorating! Such a lovely home!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed looking at your pictures.

  4. So pretty! I have back issues of favorites too, they are almost all holiday issues! Theresa xoxo

  5. I'm with you sister! I could stare at the beautiful pictures forever.
    Years ago I bought two 3 ring binders. One for inside, one for outside. I save my beautiful pictures/ideas/inspiration in plastic sleeves in them. Now THATS a good book go to through, because every single picture is something I love.

  6. I do the same thing. I have a trunk full of magazines that I go back over time and time again. Somehow I missed this one. Must have been a lapse of my subscription so thanks for sharing.

  7. I love the porch! I like to also decorate using plants and garden items as well as just add to my beach cottage decor. I don't remember seeing this one so thanks for sharing. I just recently gave a way a bunch of past magazines to friends and they gobbled them up!

  8. Thank you! I have not even taken the time to go back to my past issues of Country Living or Country Home that I have saved.
    I will now!

  9. She is the queen of cake plates. I have those same pages in my style file!

  10. I agree, that CL issue was a keeper- thanks for showing it- lovely...


  11. thanks for revisiting these pictures--wonderful!! Sherron

  12. Wow...her home is amazing! Inspiration to me for next year. I guess I should start saving pages from magazines for inspiration...good idea. I hope all is well and you are ready for the holidays.

  13. Thanks, Theresa, for both more photos of Cheryl's home and the year of the CL Holidays issue! I will dig through my stash to see if I have that one. I love the way she uses lots of botanicals in her decorating and that tablecloth on the porch is wonderful!

  14. Her home is lovely! I've been getting rid of all my old magazines! Now I wish I hadn't!

  15. Theresa,
    You always have the prettiest and most inspiring post :-) Loved it!

  16. I look forward and carefully go over (and over) each of your posts. Just love your blog.

    Thanks for your comment on my Santa's backside. :)

  17. Wonderful images, Theresa! Glad I'm not the only one to hold onto old CL issues. I've got the 2003 & 2006 issues, but not this one. I love the bowl with the blue tinsel and ornaments. Lovely!
    - Susan

  18. Snow day today, maybe a magazine purge is in the makings...are we hoarders...?

  19. This article is one of my all time favorites too! I love every single thing about it! Jacqueline

  20. some things just dont date do they? Its great to look back at mags and still be inspired.


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