Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas at the Office

Each season I've decorated my office for Christmas and it's always different.  I couldn't stand it if it remained the same each time.  I always incorporate vintage items with my Christmas decorating.  Here's how it turned out this year:

christmasdecor 025

It was a more similified Christmas, more natural tones were used even though I did sneak in a small bit of color here and there.

christmasdecor 012

Enjoy the rest of my decorations:
christmasdecor 013

I really wanted these horns to go on top of the tree but they were too heavy and wouldn't stay put:

christmasdecor 010

You can't really tell by this picture, but someone had painted them a pale blue and it was almost worn off.

Everyone needs a HoHoHo tag in their tree, wouldn't you agree:

christmasdecor 018

This is one of Janet's signature tags.

You could find vintage white birds, candleholders from days gone by, burlap, vintage ornaments, and a little bling:

christmasdecor 011

Even Santa could be found here:

christmasdecor 020

Vintage Paper cone ornaments made by Ann were also on the tree:

christmasdecor 016

Here's another view with a tiny tree:
christmasdecor 015

Just a few more touches:

christmas office

You know I've always thought if I have to spend 8 hours here I might as well enjoy it:

christmasdecor 025

I normally have coral, shells, a concrete dove that I wouldn't give up for anything along with mirrors among other things.

I just have a few more Christmas posts to go, a Primitive/Farmhouse Christmas, an upstate Christmas complete with snow, and then one more Christmas so I hope you'll watch for these.  If you've decorated your office, please let me know, I'd love to check it out.  I'm also linking up with Debra of Common Ground, so be sure and check out her blog for other Vintage Friday posts.  Happy Friday to you all.


  1. Theresa, you have the most amazing office! So beautifully decorated for Christmas. Your Christmas tree is absolutely gorgeous!!! p.s. I would love to work there :)

  2. Now your family will think that you are a workacholic because you won't want to leave the office. Very pretty. Have a Merry Christmas my friend.

  3. Theresa! If I worked with you, you'd be stuck with me 'cause I'd never go home!!! Good grief - I love it ALL!!!

    Sooooooo gorgeous!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  4. Hey girl! Your office always looks so cute no matter what the holiday is! Love the tree!

  5. Theresa, only you will go out and do fabulousness in an office. I loved last year's with the blue but you out did yourself this time. You must have a huge office and I agree about surrounding yourself with things you love, even at the office. Blessings, Marta.

  6. T, your space at the office is just wonderful and so "homey". I hope everyone else appreciates your beautiful contribution to the Christmas Spirit! Have a wonderful week and thank you for linking up to the party!!
    big hugs,

  7. you are the only person on earth who could take a humdrum office and make it SING! absolutely adorable! and i thought i recognized that *hohoho* peeking out! thanks so much for the mention!

  8. So beautiful Theresa! This almost makes me want to go back to work at an office (maybe someday after kids are older). I just love your tree and the unique ornaments!
    - susan

  9. Your office is so adorable! I'll bet you singlehandedly got everybody in the Christmas Spirit!


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