Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rebecca's Party

Happy Saturday to you!! 

Can you believe that we are literally one week from Christmas. 
I can't believe this month has just flown by. 

For today's post I'm linking up with Rebecca to celebrate her birthday and blog party that she's having. 

Let's give a big shout out to our beautiful "Texas" friend Rebecca. 

No, she's not from Texas but since she visited during the shows we just claim her as one of the Texas girls. 

And since she's also celebrating her birthday today, I hope you'll stop off over and give her a big, huge, Texas Birthday wish. 

See how pretty she is:

show pics 037

There's Rebecca with Jo Packham, Gina Galvan, and Carol at the Spring 2010 shows.

To celebrate her birthday post, she asked that we show a special gift we'd made.

A few years back, I had decorated a gift bag to give to a friend and
I also embellished a book with her initials:


Well this year, while I was thinking what I would do special for the same friend, I decided to wrap her gift in a another handmade bag that I decorated for her:

mychristmas 004

It's such a fun and easy thing to make and I think it makes it more unique than just buying a bag or wrapping a present with paper.  To me it is more meaningful when something is made.    

Thanks Rebecca for letting us celebrate this special day with you.

Don't forgot to stop over and give Rebecca lots of Birthday well wishes,
 hugs, and
kisses on her special day!!


  1. I wanna be your special friend! lol!

    I was over at Rebecca's a few minutes ago! Fun!


  2. Can I be your special friend after the bags!

  3. Thank you so much Theresa, I love being a Texan with a Minnesota accent! Yaaa you betcha!
    And believe me the weather in Tx agrees with me better than Mn.
    I love your bag, such a simply stated but great idea! You have such class girl!
    I hope to get back there in the spring! I love and miss all my Texan friends...
    Thank you so much for my birthday wishes and sharing my party and sharing your friendship with me

  4. Love your bag... and what a great picture of Rebecca and her friends!!!

  5. Hand-made gifts between Friends are ALWAYS my most cherished pieces. I would never want to throw a wrapping away that looked like this... it's Gift enough itself so I can only imagine how ultra special the contents of such a bag would be!!!!

    Christmas Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Lovely idea to present your gift within a gift! I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday!

  7. I've known this lovely lady for over 20 years here in the burbs .... she's oozing with talent.

    proud to be her friend ....and yours!

  8. What a special way to give a special gift! I love it!! and just like many of the other comments here...I wanna be your special friend too!
    Have a wonderful evening!!
    Tammy :-)

  9. Can I stand in line to be your special friend? I am a native Texan, so does that get me anywhere??? Probably not since so many of you great blogger gals are from my home state. Oh well, I'll still take my place behind Debbie.


  10. And I'm TEXAN with an Aussie accent....hahahahahaSNORT....May I be your SPECIAL Friend AFTER TOT & Deb.... :o) !!

    I'm off to wish Rebecca Happy Birthday but before I go, just in case I don't get back 'til after the 'fat mans' been, I'm hopin' you & your LOVELY Husband enjoy a FABULOUS Christmas with Family & Friends & a SAFE holiday break....!! I'm lookin' forward to catching up with ya'll (see....!!) in 2011....!

    Cheers for now Lovey,
    Tamarah :o)

  11. Rebecca has a Texas soul and talented just like all you gals. You truly are boundless with ideas and generousity!
    Anyone calling you friend is a lucky person indeed!

  12. Rebecca, did you hear about our (Minnesota) 17 inches of snow last week? Ya you betcha it was a lot of snow....tee hee. Your southern friends are dear to throw you a party. Your northern wanna be friends love that you still have a Minesota accent.
    The girls at The Loft on 2nd-in beautiful but snowy Minnesota

  13. How great are those bags... sooo clever and personal...

    Just wanted to pop in and say
    Merry Christmas to you Theresa...
    I am still stalking you :)
    Christmas hugs...


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