Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cold White Wednesday in Texas

This week has been exceptionaly cold for us here in Texas.  Several of my friends actually received snow this week in their area, but we weren't fortune enough to have it in our town.  Oh well I can always enjoy it from their pictures.  While it's another one of Kathleen's fabulous White Wednesday posts, I just wanted to send you a reminder that if you are anywhere near Houston or Austin this weekend and you are looking for something to do, don't forget the Red Barn Winter Antiques show is on Saturday in Round Top Texas and it continues through Sunday.

This will just get you all warmed up while you get ready for the big shows in March.  There will be fabulous designers at this show so I know you don't want to miss coming out.

Here's a preview of white things that could be seen here from previous shows and I'm sure there'll be plenty to satisfy your white desire here again:

redbarn 028

How would you like to have this collection of ironstone.

Or have had these pretty things:


Judy always has pretty slipcovers.

And you never know what you'll see in my booth:


I'll show you a sneak tomorrow.


Don't forget, if you miss this show, you'll wish you hadn't. 

Remember this is an indoor show so no worry about the cold temperatures.  Hope to see you there.


  1. I hope that it warms up soon. Have a good show in RT. sandi

  2. As long as all the white in inside and not's all good. We may just see you there.
    I.P. Icycles

  3. wow -that is some collection of ironstone! wish I coyld go- hope it is ok that I mentioned you in my blog...


  4. Oh such gorgeous things.... I wish I could come to the Red Barn sale but can't make it there this time, hopefully I'll get to come to the spring shows!!! Hope you have a good sale!

  5. Lovin your pics, and sure wish I could make the show! I will be having my own show this weekend, as my sweet grandson will be here!! Hope it is a great one for you....HAPPY JUNKIN.....Cathy aka GGJ

  6. Hope it is a wonderful show for all of you. So, so sorry I can't get over there this weekend. Love these images and please post more next week!! BTW, this is Ann of Hill Country House - for some reason Google doesn't know me today...??

  7. Oh how I wish I could be at this show. Hopefully it will warm up for you and you will have a fantastic show. Sea Witch

  8. Wish I could be there, Theresa. p.s. LOVE your blog header photo (your booth, natch)

  9. I already wish I hadn't missed it, but unfortunatley I won't be there once again. Maybe someday.

    Love all your whites and can't wait to see pics of the show.

    Take care and stay warm.


  10. Hope you have a wonderful show.... I had hoped to sneak off down there... but not going to make it this time.

    Can't wait to see you pics.


  11. I hope the Show goes well, you have tons of fab eye candy. Thanks for the link to Binky Morgan's Blog... I have been admiring some of her amazing lampshades for years in various articles that profiled Carol Hicks-Bolton and Robin Brown... now I can see more of Binky's creative talent!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. Sigh. Wish TEXAS was really located where South Dakota is - !! Dang it.

    -Andrea (in North Dakota)... :)

  13. Sigh. Wish TEXAS was really located where South Dakota is - !! Dang it.

    -Andrea (in North Dakota)... :)

  14. I would be very much want to go, all that beauty.
    I have several times been on holiday in your beautiful country, I have so enjoyed the antique shops.
    Maybe we are coming together in an antique market, ever :-))


  15. Girl it's FREEZING here in the Lone Star State and we've got snow on the ground for the 4th day in a row where I am! I hope you have a FANTASTIC show in Round Top!!

  16. Such Beautiful things. Love your style and creativity. Want to thank you again for adding my blog to your roll, and leaving such kind comments. Hope to meet you soon. Best wishes at the show!!!

  17. Oh, I just wish I could shop in your booth and all of the wonderful places you take us. I love the pictures and just covet all of the white you show us.


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