Sunday, January 09, 2011

Richard's New Blog

I wanted to give a shout out to Richard's New Blog, My Old Historic House.  Richard owns a gift shop in Clarksville Missouri along with restoring his home.  Both could be considered full time jobs.  You can tell by reading his blog that he loves old things (as most of us do) and history.  The two many times go hand in hand. 

You may remember Richard when he was featured in 2008 Romantic Homes from the article that Elizabeth Maxson wrote on him.

rh richard dome
Please be sure and go over to his blog and welcome him to the blog world.


  1. HI T,
    Thanks for sharing! I'll head on over!

  2. thanks for the leg up on Richards new blog. I have visited and am now following. I always support new found friends in our blog world. Sea Witch

  3. HI There! I just found you from my friend's blog. I had no idea you are in Texas, or are you? My family and I just moved here recently. We are in the DFW area. I am looking for Antqs stores in my area. Do you happen to know any? I love your blog, and will be back. I would love it if you visit me. God bless, Nene

  4. Hi Nene,
    I am located at Antique Company Mall in McKinney, TX and North Dallas Antique Mall in Dallas. There are many more in the area. My blog is


  5. Dear Garden Vintage Friend, Thanks so much for telling everyone about my new blog. I sure do appreciate it. good luck with you show and Thanks Again. Richard at

  6. see you friday friend...can't wait!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my MP Belt Post... alas, no I did not win, lost it in the LAST TWO SECONDS of the Auction... so I really had thought it was mine! *HUGE pout going on* Guess it wasn't meant to be... I've decided I might have to make something similar myself and then I'm ensured it would also be the right size. *wink* I visited Richard's Blog, what a remarkable transformation of an old Home, I love when someone rescues a grand old place like that and breathes new life into it... truly a labor of Love.

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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