Saturday, January 08, 2011

House Hunting Continues

We've started this year continuing our search for our dream house, but it look likes we are going to have to go through a lot of houses before we find our dream place.  Today we adventured out on a lead about a house that sounded just wonderful.  It was a historic building moved to a great piece of land.  It was priced at a really good price.  It actually had over 2 acres, which was perfect.  It was wooded and private, still sounding good.  It was previously a school house that had been converted to a home, can't wait to see it.

However, the realtor failed to mention there was no way it was liveable.  I asked did it need much repair.  He said it does need some repair, but could be lived in.  Well, sometimes a pretty picture isn't what it's cracked up to be, especially when you drive up and there is a blue tarp on the roof so that it won't leak through and the back part of the house looks like it's about to fall apart at any minute.   The picture I originally saw of the place didn't look bad.  However, seeing it up close it would have to be totally torn down and rebuilt.  One small detail that wasn't mentioned.  Oh well here's what I could show you of the house.  At one time I'm sure the picture portrayed by the listing could have been true, but not today.

This was the side of the house, it did have character, but not enough to convince me otherwise.  I did love the wooded property it was on.  And one added benefit is you could tell the soil was rich and it would have been great to have a garden or gardens.  Don't get me wrong, it did have potential, but you sure would need lots of money and patience to get this back to it's original glory.

house 001

house 004

It did have interesting doors with the original handles:

house 003

house 002

The one bad thing about the house is it kind of freaked us out especially when we walked in and it appeared someone may live in the house at night.  There were signs of this.  Sometimes when we tour places I also like to go with my gut feeling and there really wasn't a good feeling with this place.  We didn't stay long, we almost felt as if someone was watching us, kind of creepy I know.  Well, we'll just keep looking.  Hope you all are having a great weekend.


  1. I Hope your hunt for the ideal dream Home leads you to just the right place. So sad that this once grand old place is in such deferred condition. However, there is Hope for even a place such as this... you see, over a decade ago The Man and I were seeking our dream Home... and found this Historic but condemned property... yes, condemned... and not at all liveable "As Is"... and due to this is was a huge bargain! Folks thought we were mad to even consider it. But as you said, I go with gut feeling and it just felt right, I had a vision of how it was to be... and now is. Not to say it didn't take work and will continue to be a labor of Love... but for me this was a dream come true and those who initially scoffed or shook their heads now see that this diamond in the rough was worth saving.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I agree, some great architectural features though, but looks like a money guzzler.
    Happy house hunting...


  3. That is creepy and your right, when you are searching for a home, go with your gut feeling! Good luck with the continued search! Xoxoxo

  4. O.k. that would totally have creeped me out... but too bad you couldn't have grabbed a couple of the chippy doors while you were there! I'm just saying... Theresa xoxo

  5. Teresa, we have plenty of homes here in the district for you!! You would be so very close to your shop!! Want to be my neighbor.. two on my street for sale!!!! call me!! Smiles....

  6. You will find your place eventually and when you do, you will definitely know it, Theresa. I absolutely believe in those gut feelings, especially about houses.

  7. To bad! I really had my hopes up for this one! Actually I think it looks kinda cool, but I guess the picture are fooling me to! Just keep trying!

  8. ...if it was meant to be, you would have felt like it was home, no matter how much work was needed....onward to the hunt!
    **Tami :-)

  9. I know what you mean about listening to your gut. This old schoolhouse would be adorable all renovated. I can just see it in my head. But if you don't get a good vibe it's for a reason.
    I CANNOT wait to see what you find.

  10. Ohhhh I just love old houses too
    but wow that would creep me out
    a little too ~
    the pictures that you posted look
    really cool though !

    Have fun looking and finding your
    dream home !


  11. Searching for a house sounds like a fun thing to do and a great way to start a year. Sorry that this little gem wasn't the one. Isn't the dreaming part fun? Makes you wish Robin...Magnolia Pearl.. would go along with you doesn't it. It would be fun to see things through her eyes although Yours aren't bad either.
    Good luck

  12. I know that this house isn't right for you...but just the IDEA of looking for a historic house in Texas makes my mouth DROOL!!!! Oh so yummy, I want to be a little mouse in your purse & see all the fabulous houses you tromp through until you get to your dream house.
    Just Dreamin of Texas,

  13. Gut feelings are good, and often important to pay attention to! Too bad the house was in such poor shape. What great architectural stuff it holds. Can't wait to see what you find next.

    Take care, Sue

  14. It sounded almost like our place for a second there....historic home, moved to a new piece of land, two acres...but you're right, the tarp would have been a deal breaker.

    Theresa, I just know there is a perfect old home for you out there. How could there not be, knowing how fabulously you'll doll it up once it's yours? :-)

    See ya on Saturday (bring my jacket, hehehe!),

  15. Yep... keep on looking.. it's around the corner...

  16. I saw some adorable homes in Bastrop but we are no where near the point where we can start looking for our "retirement" home. :D

    Happy hunting,

  17. Theresa,
    Years ago when my husband & I were hunting for our first house we saw a few things that were downright freaky! We found one place in a historic neighborhood that just seemed to good to be true. Everything we could ever want & in our budget. Bad sign. When we went in a note said 'please read sellers disclosure'. The house had that creapy feeling, also smelled really REALLY bad like cat pee. The sellers disclosure revealed that there had been a double homicide inside them home. I think maybe the cats got closed up in there for sometime after. Yeah, pretty bad huh? Lisa
    PS We didn't buy it.


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