Wednesday, January 26, 2011

White Wednesday & Beautiful Treasures

&This White Wednesday finds us at the Red Barn and all the beautiful tresures that were here.  If you didn't get to make it to the Red Barn in Round Top Texas, you can find each of these vendors this Spring at their respective shows.  I just don't guarantee they'll have these things as I saw many of their treasures finding new homes.  Hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I did. 

We'll start with TOT's booth:


She always has such lovely things for sell and creates the most amazing vignettes.


Love the chalk board, which I think sold.


Loved her coin purse/necklaces:


I saw several walking around with them on.

Next up is Judy Hill:


Now Judy always knows how to make her space look inviting.


Her bedding is so pretty.


More great things.

Next up is Peg of French Vanilla:


This little heart chair was so cute.


The metal window sold and she has this awesome metal table that was fabulous.  I didn't get a picture of but it sold too.

Next up is Janet of Talk Sweet Talk:


She finds the best smalls I've ever seen.  I drool all over her wonderful ironstone.


Now I have to show you her ring:


Yes, it's a mini ironstone lid.  Is this not the best!!  Janet please put my name on that ring when you are ready to part with it.

Here's....Trisha of The Red Door:



And there she is:


All these lovely ladies can be found at The Marburger Antique Show in the Spring. 

Moving on to Mel's space of The Seed Box:

Seed box



Mel can be found at The Cole's Antique Show.

Next are sistes, Camille and Alison:

Here was Alison's booth:


And this was Camille's:


You can find them at The LaBahia Antique Show.

I hope you visit these girls this Spring at the shows, which is just around the corner.  We'll be back at Zapp Hall starting on Friday March 25!  Don't forget each show opens on a different date.  It's going to be an exciting time in Texas and for almost two weeks you can shop until your heart is content.

Also, be sure to check out the other White Wednesday participants at Kathleen's blog.


On another note, I finally got my tooth pulled yesterday.  For most, this is not a big deal but it's always a very anxious time for me as I had a bad experience in the past and seem to relive that experience everytime I go back to the dentist.  I have to say that while I was super nervous and the dental assistance could tell she said my blood pressure was sky high (when I normally have low blood pressure) and my pulse was racing like crazy, I just thank God he some how helped me make it through.  I've been needing to get this done for almost two years now, that's how long I've put it off.  It's over with and for that I'm thankful!


I also want to thank Ann of Hill Country House and Stephanie of  Southarn Charm Cottage (given to my other blog Discarded Forlorn) for the Stylish Blogger Award.  Thanks Ladies!!


  1. Fantastic inspirations - thank you for sharing!!!


  2. Such great images. One thing I love to do if a show is not too crowded is to stand at the entrance to a booth and just take it all in- see the whole picture-before looking at the details. These dealers are all so gifted, including you, at putting together such gorgeous vignettes. Thanks for sharing! It's me, Ann, Hill Country House Girl. For some reason Google doesn't know me today.

  3. Now don't go flippin' your lid or nothin'...BUT...if you flip Janet's sugar lid you'll find my name already tatooed on that precious ring!

  4. P.S. I'm glad you got that tooth taken care of. It's been giving you so much grief.

  5. Looks like there was many beautiful booths at the Red Barn. Will see you soon Theresa =)

  6. This is a great post. I love the pics of all the different booths. I especially like "Red Door". I don't think I have ever met her but she sure has some wonderful things. Then, of course, I love your pic of Unique Unique. They are awesome!! Hugs, Judy

  7. What a great post. Thank you so much for sharing all that yummy white with us. That looks like such a great show. How I wish I will go someday!
    Have a wonderful White Wednesday.

  8. Oh, such wonderful white wares....the ironstone, butterpats, architectural and on and on! I just told my husband that we MUST get to Texas one day....I'd be in white heaven. My favorite is Camile's white dry sink and the zinc finial (my heart be still).

    I am also extremely anxious about the dentist. I need a lot of stuff done, but just waiting to feel a little bit better.


  9. I am the world's worst dental phobic, so I'm glad to hear that you're okay. I start worrying about my October check-up as soon as I leave the office from my April check-up, lol. It's a vicious cycle. Gorgeous photos; I want to go shopping!

  10. Oh my so inspiring TX gals get the best junk back that way !!! and You all are awe inspiring decorators !!!

    Thanks for sharing !!!

    Stop in at our blog for our Giveaway happening now and our Blog Party on Feb. 1st...

    Blessings ..Sara

  11. Ohkay - A. YAY on getting your tooth fixed up! Toothaches are truly horrible - and I'm glad you're on the mend!

    and... B. I love Janet! That's it - I just love her.

    and... C. Those bowling pins in Alison's space are FANTASTIC!!!

    I can't wait to visit all of these lovely vendors in a few weeks! Oh... a few weeks...

    ;-D robelyn

  12. I am so proud of you for finally getting that tooth pulled! It's about time! Great photos, you new camera takes good pictures!

  13. Looks like great eye candy!!!!

    I hope/assume you will do the blogger party at your booth on Sunday as usual during the Spring Round Top Show... RIGHT? There is a bunch of girls coming out from California & Arizona. And everyone wants to come. See my post for a list of names. HUGS!

  14. I think I would faint if I got to finally go to one of these fabulous shows and see all those booths full of wonderful treasures!

    Hope you are feeling ok after your trip to the dentist. Best thing is pudding!

  15. Aren't you glad you got that tooth stuff behind you? :-)

    Great pics, I am REALLY kicking myself for missing Janet's fabulous booth! I was in such a hurry, I can see now just how much I missed.


  16. Another GREAT POST!!! I really have to stop by to see you one of these days. Looking for a double bed for my quest room. I need a Vintage Look? Maybe Iron head board...Doing my decor. in Toile. :) Your blog is always inspiring. Going back to read more. God Bless... Nene

  17. One day I WILL come to Texas to see all of that beauty in person! I am always amazed at all of the talent at these shows. Really beautiful, thanks for sharing! Theresa xoxo

  18. Theresa, I am so relieved to read that your experience at the dentist went okay. I don't say good, because no trip to the dentist is good. I feel my blood pressure rising just writing this. I have such a fear of the dentist. And it sounds like you don't love it either.

    But your beautiful pictures are bringing the BP back down to normal. I love seeing all of the amazing vendors you showcase. A real treat for me! I saw your amazing space over at TOT's blog. Just gorgeous!
    sending hugs

  19. I always love these photos -- they let me go back and see it all again like it was the first moment I walked into the Red Barn. It was great to see you again; I am lovin' my little ottoman. It worked out just right.

  20. Theresa, I loved TOT's photos of your beautiful booth. Thanks for showing more eye candy from the show. p.s. aren't you relieved to have the whole tooth thing over now? take it easy my friend...

  21. lots of great white stuff there! i have a feeling you may not be gettin that ring after reading deb's comment. it is super cute! i have a huge dentist phobia!



  22. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures Theresa! I saw some awesome, large white pitchers in there :)

  23. Theresa....thank you so much for the mention! I really really appreciate it! It is always a pleasure to see and talk to you!

  24. Great Pix! Makes me wish all the white in Minnesota was indoors, rather than outdoors.Big Fan of Tricia @ Red Door!


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