Friday, February 18, 2011

Vintage Inspired Shop

I received the newest issue of Country Living this week and there was a store in the magazine that really caught my eye.  The store is Billy Reid.  This name just seems to roll of your tongue, sounds like a movie star's name, the next big box office hit, Billy Reid staring in his own designs.  There are six Billy Reid boutiques in New York City and throughout the South to include Dallas and Houston.  After drooling over the website I can see why some may think their fashions are going to be a hit, but what I was drawn to more than anything was the use of vintage items.  Now that will always catch my eye.  Take a look:


Can you see the ironstone plates hanging on the wall.  See I would go in the store just for their displays, kind of like I do with Anthropologie.

So do you think he'll be the next Ralph Lauren or even Tommy Hilfiger.  I'm linking up with Debra for her Vintage Inspiration Friday posts, so be sure and stop over her blog too.  Happy Friday to you all.


  1. Gosh! I didn't even open the cover on my Country Living! I have been skipping along in BlogLand!

  2. Overall I have been losing interet in Country Living of late. Seems like too many articles and not enough substance and no longer large pictures in their issues. I am hoping they change my mind as time to renew comes closer.
    Your post was a good one as always.

  3. Thanks for visiting me! I am so flattered!
    I meet Richard TOMORROW! It is going to be a looooong day but so worth it!

  4. Clothing is so much better when it's displayed well. The vibe has to be there, to really make the sale. Great store.
    Thanks so much for linking up, T.
    love ya bunches.

  5. great post!
    loved the photos once again!
    happy weekend!

  6. are right, great stuff. Thanks for the note the other day...I totally understand all you said. I have to get out to McKinney soon...I love your mall out there. Take care and have a great weekend.
    Denis AKA Mr. Hoarder!

  7. Can't wait to you and eveyone at Warrenton.Can't believe it's only 34 days.

  8. Hey T are you going to the Old Red Lumberyard sale this weekend? I'm hoping to make it out on Sunday. Have a GREAT weekend!

  9. Now, I want to go to Dallas and see for myself. I love store displays with a vintage feel.


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