Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Barn Sales on a White Wednesday

Have you ever been to a Barn Sale? 
Barn Sales aren't a new concept to us junkers. 
Just look at what The Barn House Boys have accomplished in such a short time frame. 

Then, there are our local Texans that hold sales,
like the girls from The Red Shed in Grapevine Texas,
The Grisham Barn Sale in Flint Texas,
my friends Mickie and Brandy that hold The Accumulations Sale in Dripping Springs Texas,  
The girls at Rusted Gingham,
The Queen Bee Barn Sale in Deer Park
and this weekend is The Old Red Lumberyard Sale in McKinney Texas.

Holding a Barn Sale rather than owning a shop or renting space in a shop, 
allows you the freedom to sale your things
while not being tied down to set hours and
there's more freedom in being able to
go out and find things and then put them together for the sale. 
I've thought all along this is probably the best way to sell your vintage finds. 

The first time I heard about this was in an old issue of Country Home magazine
that featured Sue Whitney & Ki Nassauer
in a sale called The Second Hand Rose
They held quarterly sales and were open for a few days only during the sale.
What a great idea!

While Texas is known for the Big Antique Shows
that are held twice a year in Round Top and Warrenton Texas
(and the surrounding towns)
and yes this is coming up next month,
we also have either a Flea Market
or Antique Show that you can attend
almost every month in one part of Texas or another,
I think the idea of having a Barn Sale several times a year is a great concept. 

My friend Vintage Rescue Sue recently did a post on barn sales in her area,
 check out her blog above for details. 
Also, Fifi's lastest issue of Romantic Country magazine
listed several Barn Sales and this one at Ekster Antiques sale looked really great:

(source: Ekster Antiques)

So tell me, is this something that would interest you? 
If so, would you drive hours to go if you knew the merchandise was great?
Curious minds want to know. 
Do you know of a barn sale in Texas that you go to that I haven't listed?

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  1. Love a good barn sale. Wish I could have shadowed these folks. Sea Witch

  2. Love your picture of the clay ready to's going to hit 50 this by day we are getting closer to spring,
    Have a great day

  3. I love this post, because I'm a huge fan of barn sales! You know, it's not at all popular here in Louisiana. That's why I'm always coming over to Texas :) The Red Shed was closed the day we were visiting Grapevine, though.
    We want to hold barn sales here on our little farm one day. Trying to work in that direction. Wish I had endless money, and could drop the day job to pursue this dream instead. My husband loves the idea, too. I just may have to talk him into going to McKinney :) I will let you know which sale we are coming to, we'll meet up one day...
    Becky C

  4. THanks Theresa! I wish you would come by too! I'm hoping to come see you at Warrinton also! I had lots of fun last year! Great idea with the antlers...blessings!

  5. Thanks Theresa! I hope you can one day also! I love your idea with the antlers...hope to make it to Warrington this year also!Blessings! Jodi

  6. I'd drive hours (well maybe not 1500 miles) and hours for barn sales. T, buy that dream house and DO IT. As antique stores fall by the wayside, these are a viable alternative! Thanks for the shoutout XOX

  7. Happy 'White Wednesday' to you Theresa. So Lovely!! Would love to come to one of these. I will make it happen. :) Hope you stop by... I blogged about you. Love it here... hugs to you my friend. Nene

  8. Back in the early seventies when living in Indiana we would drive over to Kentucky and go to the "Sale Barn" this was a gigantic monthly flea market and inside the big barn was a place to eat (burgers and hotdogs and cold cokes in the little bottles!)and an auction and you could hear the old fashioned auctioneer all day long Throughout the whole Fleamarket I would go with my Great Grannie Lee, I now live in Texas and will have to check out the grapevine one as that is cloes to me! I would drive pretty darn far for an awesome barn sale! Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  9. Thanks for the mentioning Ekster Antiques barn sale! We are in Hamilton, Virginia and we were just featured in an article in the Washington Post about barn sales in the Washington DC area. We are part of a barn crawl (Feb 25-27) with the other three barn sales mentioned in the article.

  10. Hi Theresa,
    I, sadly, have never had the opportunity to go to a barn sale! I wish they had stuff like that around where I live. Those photos are just amazing, when I think of barn sales I never pictured them to be that beautiful and full of such fabulous merchandise. You lucky girls in Texas have the best stuff! :)
    Have a great day.

  11. In reading all the comments, I do believe folks are ready for this kind of venue. I especially like the idea of a barn crawl!

  12. Who doesn't love a good barn sale? I think they are a great idea also. If I didn't live so far out in the boonies I would have entertained this might just get me motivated to get things more organized and not just used for storage.

    Hope you have a wonderful week.


  13. Great Post! I love Barn Sales and have participated in the local one "Miss Gracie and Friends Barn Sale" a couple of times. It was a great experience and for me, I liked that I had time to junk, re-vamp my treasures and for two days...sold, sold, sold. I didn't feel as pressured to keep a space stocked, fluffed and that I had to be there during certain hours. Much more freedom and fun with a barn sale. And if I knew it was going to have awesome treasures from vendors I knew and loved....being financially able...I would travel a great distance to shop.

  14. I know the couple that put this sale on! They have wonderful things and they've been featured in Country Home! Not long now girl!

  15. Wish I was close but I enjoy reading your post and checking out the sites...

  16. love your blog - i'm a new follower...Hugs!

  17. Not too many barns around these parts, but I would drive a pretty far stretch for a good one. : D


  18. Great post T! Since my experience with the shop, I feel like this would be a much better option for me. I am seriously thinking of doing something like this in the future. And you already know I would drive for miles or even jump on a plane for a good barn sale!


  19. wish i could go!
    it sounds like fun!
    happy eve,

  20. I've been to two barn sales here in Idaho and I love them. The only thing I didn't love is that my money ran out faster than I wish it had. lol! I went to Rene's (Miss Gracie's House) barn sale and The Red Dresser (no longer known by that name) I think it's called Gatherings now)). They are a lot of fun! In Idaho, things are slow to catch on I think and I wish there were more of these going on near me or at least within an eight hour drive. Salt Lake is only four and a half hours away, I should see what they have in the way of barn sales.
    Any barn sale you would be in would be a barn sale I would want to be at...that's for sure!!!!

    The new shops you featured in todays post are awesome. Yes, just to see the displays would be worth a visit.
    hugs to you...

  21. I am seriously considering a "warehouse sale". Shooting for some time in May before it gets too hot. We have been working hard getting ready for Warrenton. Andy told a friend today that we need a 2 acre booth! We have way too much! That's why we need to have a local sale. Will keep in touch. Susan

  22. Theresa,
    Thank you so much for mentioning us! We have had a blast the past three years and look forward to our next barn sale in November. The girls at Rusted Gingham will surely be paying you a visit when we shop Warrenton soon! Can't wait!

    Suzanne and Tracy

  23. Barn sales...that has been the *hot* topic of conversation at our house today...while they are exciting they are also a *ton* of work to get your property and outbuildings (that are normally the storage catch-alls) presentable for the public. We are discussing whether to continue or not...

  24. Now that I just read through your comments (specifically Toni's and June's)...I think I'm gonna is touching to read what other people think...

  25. We Love our Barn Sale! Thanks for mentioning us- and we HOPE you can be part of the one this Fall!
    I agree- It is ALOT of work to get the place 'ready' for traffic.... and at the end of the day it is worth it!
    We hope to grow ours again this year- the more vendors- the more shoppers they bring in!!!

  26. We L-O-V-E our Barn Sale- our shoppers, and our Vendors...and Hope that Garden Antqs will be here for the one this fall!!!
    I agree- It is alot of work to get the place cleaned up- but then it's nice to have a good looking place!
    Thanks for mentioning the girls at Rusted Gingham-- we are thankful!

  27. Teresa, We have made the decision to have a "Warehouse Sale" on Memorial Day Weekend in Cherokee. Fred's world should be all ready to go and some friends will add their special touches also. Excited, but nervous too! Mark your calendars. Susan


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