Monday, February 14, 2011

Blog Love & Love To You All

I thought since today is Valentine's Day that I'd share some new blogs with you.  I first want to say that I hope you all celebrating today, even if it's by yourself you still deserve to celebrate.  I haven't shared new blogs with you in a while and these two new blogs are really worth sharing with you.

The first blog I want to tell you about is A Beautiful Mess which you may have already discovered from having seen them in a recent issue of Romantic Homes magazine (click here to see).  Their displays are just delightful and they really have a great eye for finding cool stuff.  Their store is located in California, just wish they weren't so far to visit:

See what I mean about the cool stuff they find.  I really love the concrete statue on the table, even though it's missing part of the concrete on it's legs, it's still really cool.  Go over and see all their wonderful things on their blog.  They were also recently featured in The New York times as well.

The next blog belongs to Beverly of Glory B's Cottage.  Now she's a Texas girl and while I haven't had a chance to see her in a while, she's always worth visiting:

Beverly loves all things white and you can take a peek at what's new at her shop on her blog listed above.  So, tell me, do you know of any new blogs you've recently found and want to share.

Speaking of sharing.  Here's the man I've shared over 30 years of married life to.  What a journey it's been.  Some days I love him to pieces and other days (well we just won't mention that one today).  I do want to wish him a Happy Valentine's Day:

He did really good this year ladies!!  Much love to you all this Valentine's Day.


  1. Just L*O*V*E "A BEAUTIFUL MESS" Photo!!! Theresa, YOU get to see the most AmAziNg displays... Thanks!
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  2. Well T - I hope you and Mr. T have a BEAUTIFUL day today!!!

    I'm off to visit these two blogs (and mentally resetting my booth space 'cause good golly - they have some GREAT looking stuff displayed gorgeously!!!)


  3. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your special man, Theresa.

  4. I hope that you & your sweet husband have a very special valentines day!
    i am sending you great big XoXo my sweet friend!

  5. Tell Cruz to stop macking on that lady and get bizzy! (Just kidding)
    I'm off to check out these two new blogs.
    Happy V-Day!

  6. Hi,

    I hope you will visit my McKinney blog, and add me to your McKinney blog list. Always look forward to your posts. Thanks, Karla

  7. Thanks for the tips on new blogs to visit! Duane and I will celebrate 25 years in July and I can say it would be dishonest to say all days are wine and roses, because well, some days are whine and weeds... but I am happy to say no matter what kind of day it is, we have made it through! Happy Valentines Day to you and Mr. T! Theresa xoxo

  8. Hi Theresa,
    Happy Valentine's Day! You always find the most beautiful blogs and the most amazing displays of everything we love! Thanks for sharing...on my way over for a look!

  9. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your special guy! And thanks for always sharing such wonderful discoveries with us! Love that Beautiful Mess!

  10. happy valentine's day to you theresa. i was just talkin bout texas today to the folks here in maryland. tellin them that nobody does awesome shabby junk/antiques like the texans!! missing your style up here, but there is plenty of junking love here too!!! take care and i'm going to check out beautiful mess. thanks

  11. A Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweetie. sandi

  12. I've been looking for some new blogs to visit and found yours! I'll check out the other ones you've recommended!



  13. Theresa,thanks I was looking at your blog as usual,and wow what a shock

  14. HVD to both you and Cruz! See you in 6 weeks or so!

  15. Hi Theresa, hope you and yours had a wonderful Valentines Day! Thanks for sharing the new blogs!

  16. Hi Theresa,

    Thank you for including me on your McKinney blog list. I would love to do sewing for you after next school year when I retire from teaching. Thanks, Karla

  17. My most favorite picture of all times is Cruz making it with that manequin!! He is so BAD

  18. Hey Stanger...I hope all is well and you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I love the pics...I am trying to decide what to do in Hico this time and these pictures inspire! Have a great week and enjoy this wonderful weather!

  19. i love that magazine, one day i visit you re fly market, IrmaXXX


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