Sunday, February 13, 2011

Booth Redo

Saturday we headed down the road to McKinney to redo my booth at The Antique Company Mall, but because of all the detours we didn't arrive until late afternoon.  I hurridly added new things, moved things around, and on my way out took only a few pics of the other booths in the shop.  I finished just in time before the shop closed.  Here are the redo's:

mck 014

mck 002

mck 007


mck 015

mck 017

mck 011

Of course you know my husband has to put an old bike in the booth:


He's already sold one, so who knows maybe this will sell too!

Here's are a few pics around the shop:

Nancy's booth:

mck 022

Barbara's booth:

mck 019

mck 018


  1. Loving that statue. With spring just around the corner, that bike will sell for sure.

  2. Theresa, I loooove it when you take me to the mall. Your booth redo turned out awesome! I adore the round mirror!!!
    I hate missing things here when I don't get around to see what you have been up to and I have to tell you I loved the post of the old buildings around Round Top. I think I fell in love with that old house in your first picture.

  3. beautiful!!!! i see so many great stuff, i wish you a happy valentine,

  4. I spy some fabulous antique frames and tarnished silver!! Looks great Theresa!

  5. Thanks for taking us with you! I love it all but I think I could move into Barbara's booth!


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