Friday, February 11, 2011

Make Your Reservations

Are you looking for a romantic place to take your honey, where you can eat and shop all in one place.  It's beautifully decorated, I'm sure they'll be candles lit, the food will be delicious, and then while your honey sits and drinks coffee, hot chocolate, or tea you can shop the store.  Are you wondering what place I'm talking about.  Well, before I mention the name let me give you a little background about this place before I go any further (I know you'll want to go once you find out where it's at).

Okay, the other day my husband and I were minding our own business, driving in the cold, anticipating the Canton Flea Market.  When we stopped at the light in Athens Texas.  Then, we see this woman, in the window, waving and blowing kisses at the customers as they drove by.  Imagine that.  It's early morning and there she is flirting with men, no shame about her.  Of course, my husband acted like he wasn't looking.  Even covered his eyes but left his fingers open (so he could see to drive, right).

I decided that I would confront this person on our way back from Canton.  I walked right up to her and asked for her to explain herself.  Here she is for all to see:

IMG 0083 x

She wouldn't even face me!  Imagine that.  She just kept saying "talk to the hand"!!  She said her owner taught her to say that.

So, I decided to move on.  To wander throughout the store.  To see all the other lovely things I had seen from the windows.  This vignette really caught my eye:

IMG 0098

See how romantic and pretty it is, with rose petals too.

Look at this bed, all dreamy looking with sheer curtains and the pop of red pillows:

IMG 0095x

Look at this beautiful settee and I loved the velvet fabrics too:

IMG 0102x

Since the color Gray seems to be a popular color right now, look at all these pretties:

IMG 0100x

More gray things to look at:

IMG 0096x

This store is really one of the pretties stores around:

IMG 0097 x

This is how one of their other windows is decorated:
IMG 0081x

IMG 0082x

You've probably guessed it's Winnie and Tulula's in Athen's Texas and you must make your reservation at The Bistro while you still have time.

Here's one more surprise.  There's going to be a trunk show here on February 18-19 with Skip To My Lu's creations.  Take a look at what she does:


So, if you can't make it to the Bistro for a romantic dinner at least try and make it out to the trunk show.  Hope you all have a great weekend.  I'm also linking up with Debra for this post, so be sure and visit her to see all the other Vintage Inspriation Friday participants.


  1. How fun! What a great visit you had on such a COLD day. I can't wait to get over to Athens and check it out. I suppose the lady in the window will be all out of kisses by then!

  2. What can I say...I taught her well. Sweetie Pie IS a shameless hussy! BTW...did Cruz buy a kiss? She'd probably of given him one free!!!
    P.S. Thanks for the big shout out!

  3. Theresa,
    Wow, the store looking amazing! Is that deb sitting in that window flirting with the men? Figures LOL The food is wonderful isn't it? The chef is pretty cute too!

  4. HA HA!! I was going to ask the same thing about that being Deb in the window!!!
    That place looks so amazing. I know I would spaz out as soon as I entered the door!

  5. Okay - I'll admit it... I thought FOR SURE you had caught Debbie herself in the window blowing kisses!!! Never expected the mannequin! LOLOLOL

    ;-D Great Fun!!! I'm gonna have to wander East for the trunk show!


  6. Great displays, everywhere in the store!! Gray is making its appearance at my store as well. Loretta (Full Bloom Cottage) has some beautiful bedding and pillows at Country Roads right now. Thanks for the eye candy!!

    Take care, Sue

  7. Oh how beautiful! I am visiting via the Valentine linky.
    I wanted to invite you to the two linky parties I am planning. The first will be on February 23~ High Tea Tablescapes. Details can be found on my Wednesday posts. There will be PRIZES!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. SweetT...Can I just say that if I were gonna stick anyone else in the would be Cat Daddy. Nobody stops traffic like that man!

  9. I would like your "BANNER PLEASE"... not as my banner, but for my Spare Bedroom. :) I LOVE your display... just Fabulous. I just got a part-time job. I am hoping soon, I am able to buy from you. Would you be able to help me with an enchanting 'double bed frame'? I hope you have a Great Weekend and Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. Hugs, Nene

  10. I'd like to climb up onto that bed and curl up and take a cat nap (is Cat Daddy around? don't tell TRASH!)
    Yummy. I am just about as far away from Texas as I can go right now...but I am coming baaaack....

    xoxo lulu

  11. Theresa,
    Please reference that post I did on my return from Market in Dallas about Skip 2 My Lou's wonderful designs. Thanks,
    Lois at Callie Magee Antiques

  12. How fun!

    That sounds like the perfect date nite to me!!

  13. i would loveeeeeeeeeeeee to go !!!


  14. had me fooled for a second!;) LOVE her displays!thanks so much for sharing~Hugs~ Rachel

    French farmhouse 425

  15. Well, I tell ya, these Texas gals are amazing (and a little bit naughty!). I grew up in Mineral Wells. Living in Colorado now for almost 20 years though. And wouldn't ya know, the Texas chic aesthetic is SO me. And here I am, MILES away from all of the fun! So not fair. Oh well, ROAD TRIP! I need to meet all my gals that I've been stalking, I mean following in Bloggerland (and you know who you are!).



  16. What a beautiful shop. If we make it to Texas this year that shop WILL be on the TO DO list.

  17. Now, that looks like fun...but what I really loved is that old house in the post below...and the ones on your other blog...there was so much beauty there...brought tears to my eyes...I've really got a soft spot for those old ladies...
    Have a great weekend!


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