Wednesday, February 09, 2011

White Wednesday in Round Top

If you've read my blog for any length of time you know we are steady looking for a place near Round Top and I love to look at old houses too.  I found this one on the internet the other day and just loved the "old" about it.  Look at the tin roof and I'm sure at one time it was a grand place.  The person that took the picture indicated it was in Round Top, but I can't recall that I've ever seen it. 


Part of the charm of this part of the country is all the scenery that's here and the sight seeing you can do.  One place we often visit is Festival Hill.  They have a lot of great buildings and I believe you can even stay on their property.  Their gardens always look so pretty in the Spring time.  They also have various buildings you can also visit.  This one I really like because it reminds me of a stone structure that you would probably find in another part of the country:


They have several other buildings on their property and I'm especially fond of the old church there.  Speaking of old churches, there are several you can visit in this area as well:

trip 004

trip 003

trip 001

In Round Top there is the smallest Catholic Church that sits near Warrenton on Hwy 237.

This gorgeous piece of property can be seen in Winedale, which is just down the road from Round Top:


If you come to the shows this Spring you should take a drive and see all the beautiful scenery here.  I'm also linking up with Faded Charm for her White Wednesday posts.  Hope you are staying warm!


  1. Friends of mine have bought an old wood school years ago. OK, it was a big job and they worked very hard. But today it's a dream with a fantastic garden. And they are and were never millionaires... ;)

  2. There is something about being down there that is like stepping back in time. I always feel the history of Texas hugging me when I'm there.
    I adore the tiny church.

  3. Interesting pictures. Many of my ancestors were born and lived at Round Top.

  4. I love that old house...I could move right in :)...thanks for sharing all the pictures...I hope to get to go there soon....blessings,Shelley

  5. These photos are beautiful Theresa, and remind me what I do love about the area....

  6. i love old houses, ohhh i wish i have a house like that,IrmaXXX

  7. fell in love with that last image!

  8. Oh, the picture from Winedale - green grass and flowers - did I mention I'm ready for Spring?! xo

  9. I love that old house and what a dream to own it. I can just see all my vintage treasures all over the yard and in the house and then I want all my friends to come and spend the night.

    Thanks for finding it for me. Oh and the little church I will attend.


  10. Okay - here's what we do. You get the old house then put us all to work helping you renovate it!!! Good plan, right?

    augh! it's GORGEOUS!!! And so are the churches!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  11. Ahhh, that last pic of the country house speaks so to my soul.... is so me, so deliciously dreamy... where is that place located at???? Cielo

  12. Great posts as ussual. Go ahead with yourself. Richard at


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