Monday, March 14, 2011

10 Days To Go!!

10 Days until you are at the heart of being in Junker's Paradise.

Zapp Hall opens on March 25th!!

Will you be there?

Have you made plans

or you waiting to be convinced

that you don't want to miss the greatest show on earth?

The best Antique Show is about to start and you don't have to wait much longer!!  Just think you are only 10 days away from being in the best part of Texas if you are coming out to Round Top/Warrenton for the antique shows. 

If you've never been, expect to be overwelmed with coolest junk around.  You won't know which direction to start, there's just so much to see.  It's like summer camp for adults.  You can shop until you can't shop any longer. You'll have the best time.

I thought I'd give you a small preview at just a few things you'll find in my booth this year:

I'm bringing a little bit of it all,
unique and

and just a whole lot of stuff. 

BTW, Those red things in the picture are really cool.  Do you think they are windows or doors, you'll just have to see for yourself and wait until you see the other side of them?
Both trailers are packed to the brim. 
I've searched high and low
for really different items and
I am really pleased with what I've found.

Hope you'll come and see us at Zapp Hall in downtown Warrenton Texas.

Don't forget about the Blog Party at my booth on Sunday, March 27 at 6m

Please sign up here if you are coming so that I can get an idea of how many to plan for.  And here's a fun treat for you. 

(courtesy of Malisa, thanks Mal)

Last Spring I had a challenge for those attending the party to make Name Tags (read about it here) so you could either be recognized by your blog/website or your name.  Well that's my challenge again for you this year.  So get crafting and make something creative that shows your blog name (or just your name if you don't have a blog) and those attending will vote for the best one.  Okay, if you are pressed for time like I am, just bring the one you made last year.  We won't tell anyone!  There will of course be a prize for the best name tag. 

Also, if you are coming to the party, if you can please bring some type of finger food or snacks I would really appreciate you doing this.

Don't forget that Diane of Rosa & Josie's will be there selling her beautiful jewelry,
Gina of Peacock Park Design is bringing a surprise, and
Margo of Margo's Junkin Journal will have Flea Market Style Magazines for sale too.

 It's going to fun.  See you soon.


  1. Well let me drag out my hand puppet! Are you going to need help with snacks or anything? Just give me a shout!

  2. It's an AMUSEMENT PARK for JUNKERS! Can't wait for the thrill of finding all that GREAT JUNK!!! See you soon! Joe and Glenn

  3. Hey Sweetie...
    I can't seem to click on your sign-in link!!! I'll try again, but YOU know I wouldn't MISS IT!!!! Time to make a name badge I guess!! ;)
    Hugs & see you soooo SOOOOON!

  4. Theresa....can't wait. I am signing up for myself (of course =) and my dd, Melanie!

  5. HI there. I can't click on your "sign up here" spot either - but I WILL BE THERE! I'm a first timer and CANNOT WAIT!!!! Thanks so much!
    Karen ~ Some Days Are Diamonds

  6. Of course I will be bringing my winning name badge back for a second round! Hahahaha! Can't sign up, the thingy won't let me! I can't wait! I am so busy doing things I don't even have time to blog!

  7. Blogger has not been very kind to me lately. Sorry about the link not working, so if you'll just leave me a comment that you are coming to the party, that'll be good for me. Thanks to all that have emailed or commented that you are coming. I'm so happy that you are :)

  8. This will be my first year and I am looking forward to joining THE party. I hear all the best will be there, so of course I want to join in....and perhaps it will get me off my butt and I'll start up my own blog. LOL See everyone who is anyone there..Rita

  9. I sooo wish I could be there!!! Im sure it will be fun! Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  10. just wanted to say I really like following your blog,when ever I'm talking about blogs, I SAY GO LOOK AT GARDEN ANTQS VINTAGE(garden vintage blog) you are a great blogger, great pics....looking forward to seeing you at the show

  11. Hi Theresa!

    This is my frist time and I'm beyond excited to attend. Can't wait to explore all the FabUlousness of Round Top!

  12. The Girls at Rusted Gingham will definitely be there! And we'll bring something yummy....
    Suzanne and Tracy

  13. OMG the pressure of a pretty name tag, no pressure, aaahhhh. Ok I'm on it. What do you need more of, food or beverage? If beverage, non-alchoholic or wine and beer?? I am from the south my dahlin' so I must bring just the right hostess gift!

  14. I'm comin, I'M COMIN,will more than likely be fashionablly late but can't wait to see everyone.{Thanks T. for making this comment possible}

  15. Hey GORGEOUS Girl....I was just telling TOT I was so EXCITED I was runnin' 'round like a HEADLESS CHOOK....I leave Australia on the 19th March & will be in Round Top the next day....WOOHAA....Can't wait to see ya'll again....Suzie's comin' TOO all the way from California....YAYYYYYYYYY....!!!!!

    I'll be at the Blog Party FORSURE along with my Friend Kylie who I'm introducing to 'The Fields' for the FIRST time....!!!!!

    See ya soon....!!

    Tamarah xx

  16. we'll be there with bells on! can't wait! it's gonna be a biiiiig time at zapp hall! XOXOOXXO!

  17. Alas I'll have to be visiting vicariously through the rest of you in The Land Of Blog since I will once again not be able to make it to this Show that I've heard and seen so much about! *le pout* It is however on my 'bucket list'... I'm sure your booth is going to be over the top amazing! Can't wait to see and hear all about it, have a safe trip and much, much success at the Show!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  18. Oh My Goodness Gracious--- I CaNNot wait to see the red things- they caught my eye immediately!! They might be long gone though by the time we get there on Sunday!

    Cannot wait!!! I AlWaYs LoVED summer Camp!!!!

  19. It is truly killing me, but I don't think I will be able to make it this time. I have a big trip planned later and don't think I can swing both. Boo hoo!!

    Have a wonderful time!!

  20. I am SOooooo going to be there!!! Thanks for having this party for us all...


    Joy Campbell

  21. Yippy! My sister is coming down from Ill. and we're headed to Round Top sometime???? Last year I went to Warrington along and kept walking around in circles!

  22. Hope you have a wonderful show, don't know yet if I will make it or not, but I will look you up if I get down that way. Looks like you have some fantastic stuff to sell!!!!

  23. Yay! Yes!! I'll be there this year!! With some food...and some type of nametag. Just for you. So I won't have to introduce myself ; )


  24. Sounds like a blast and something I would LOVE!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  25. Hello! I am so excited, I am coming down to Texas for the Fall show in Roundtop! Good luck with your Spring show. I'll have to catch up to you in the fall.

  26. Hi,
    James and I are coming of course.
    Please sign us up and I will be there early to help if you need me.
    Diana and Garry may come also but have not decided for sure as yet due to other things.
    See you soon,

  27. you know mr. p and i will be there!



  28. Hi Theresa! I am sooo excited to finally be able to say... I will be there!!! Been looking forward to this for months!!! See you then!
    My Desert Cottage

  29. Theresa, I just wanted to let you know that I am planning on making it this year! I hope to see you there! Thanks for the invite! Tricia

  30. Hey Doll,
    I cant wait to get to texas. I am bringing you 50 "I'd rather be in Paris" peacock park Bangles to give away at your blog party....
    see ya then !!
    Peacock park design

  31. Hope were not to late to RSVP. Were coming from Ca to check out what this TX thing is all about!!!!:) Cant wait! Katy , Colette , Ron and Olita. (HOPE WE ACTUALLY CAN FIND YOU!)

  32. I am coming tomorrow, just found out about name tag, coming with my friend Lisa that told me about your blog party! Can't wait to meet you.
    Rho's Butterfly Dreams

  33. Hi, I can't wait to come to your blog party! This is my first time to Warrenten. I am coming with Lisa who told me about your get together. I am so excited to come!
    Rho's Butterfly Dreams

  34. Just wanted to let you know that I will be excited! I've been coming to this for years, and I'm now a resident in Shelby - only a few miles away from Warrenton :)


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