Friday, March 11, 2011

Vintage Friday in Texas

It's another one of Debra's great Vintage Friday posts and I have a question for you?  You know if you've read my blog for any time that I have a booth at Zapp Hall, which is just 13 days away!!  Can you stand it? 

This is what I want to know.  Are you coming to SELL at the antique shows in Round Top/Warrenton Texas?  If so, here's you chance to tell us where you are going to be located.  List your SHOW NAME, YOUR NAME, and LOCATION so that we can find you.  This show is so huge and covers many towns that you definately want to get the word out, so here's your chance to tell us.  It's like an antique show location map that can be printed out for those coming.  Now don't be shy, this isn't the time to be shy since I know you've searched high and low for awesome things.  So go on, tell us, curious minds want to know.

Here's my booth during a previous year:

The Clutter Antique Show is located in downtown Warrenton Tx right on Hwy 237, you can't miss it.  Look for this sign:

Zapp Hall is filled with wonderful vendors.  There are those that have been with the show many many years and new ones to the show.  These pictures caught my eye during previous shows:

Now down the road is the Marburger Farms Antique Show.  They are located right off Hwy 237.  Look for this sign and you know you are at the right place:

These displays caught my eye at Marburger Farms:

The Gin in the heart of Warrenton Tx:

Cole's Antique Show on Hwy 237:

Little House on the Hill show:

Now if blogger hadn't have kept messing up on me today, I would have added a lot more pics.  Be sure and go over and visit Debra also today.  Happy Friday to you all!


  1. Oh, how I wish I were there ... we were there in Nov. What a wonderful time for all I hope to enjoy.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day ~
    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~


  2. I love when you share photos of these wonderful displays!!

    Hoping someday to be a shopper in TX and to meet you all!!

  3. 29 years ago I quite my job as a floral designer in a large wholesale florist in St.Louis and started my very first antiques shop. I was scared todeath. You sons are lucky to have a wonderful mother.Richard

  4. Even though I can't get down there now, I still get excited about it all. and I can't wait for all the great posts of photos to start flowing! Thanks, dear T, for sharing all the fun!

  5. Sometimes antiques are just scary, with their rusty and ugly appearance they are inappreciable but gazing through their stories you will surely captivated and hypnotized in their beauty.I went last weekend in antique kansas city and felt that sentiment again what a great experience.


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