Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter at Smitten

I hope you all are having a great Easter Sunday.  It's been a nice day for me, spending it in church earlier today and then with family, eatting, and was great! 

To continue my posts from having been in McKinney yesterday, I thought I'd show you Smitten. There seems to be a lot of change going on here.  The shop was different than the last time I was here, the checkout has moved to a different area.  I loved seeing their display windows, they always have the best things in them.  Want to look:

MCK 019

Here's another view:

MCK 020

Here's the other window:

MCK 018

Let's step inside the shop:

MCK 016

MCK 015

MCK 013

MCK 012

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Smitten and be sure to check them out when you are in McKinney.  Happy Easter Sunday to you.


  1. next time i go to mckinney i best leave my check book at home! hope your computer is back up and running...i feel your pain! happy easter friend!

  2. Happy Easter Girl! I wanna go to Smitten to bad! One of these days I will!

  3. Thanks for everything, Happy Easter. Always love your pics on your blog.I need more pics but I thought I better put something.....

  4. I love that armoire. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  5. What a fun place and thanks for the photos. Have a nice week. sandi

  6. Happy Easter to you too. That store is heavenly. I love that Big Easter basket with the turned down side! Thanks for all of this eye candy.

  7. Okay, what did you purchase? Looks like a really neat place ...a place you want to check in often!!

  8. Okay, so what did you buy? It looks like a place you would want to stop in often... with a checkbook!

  9. So.... what did you buy? Looks like a place one might want to frequent often ...with a checkbook!!

  10. Lovely shop.
    Have a great evening.

  11. I was Smitten the first time I walked in there... now you make me want to go back! LOL

    I hope you had a FANTASTIC day yesterday! Happy (late) Easter!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  12. I have to say it...

    I'm smitten with Smitten!

  13. I am so happy to hear that you had a great Easter day Theresa! Thanks for taking me to Smitten. Beautiful shots!
    sending hugs...


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