Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday @ Patina Green

Visiting McKinney just wouldn't be complete without stopping in at Patina Green's. I had been seeing their awesome displays and new things they had found at Round Top on several blogs and couldn't wait to go in and see the huge victorian bird cage they had found.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

MCK 006

It was so awesome seeing it in person.  Just beyond words beautiful!

The backside of it:

MCK 009

Here's more pretties:

MCK 004

MCK 011

MCK 010

MCK 007

MCK 005

I hope the next time you visit McKinney to stop in and see what treasures they've discovered and try some of their awesome food too.  Tomorrow we'll either head to Smitten or The Antique Company Mall, you'll just have to check back to see.

And speaking of The Antique Company Mall, I've having a 40% off SALE through the end of May, so you don't want to miss this.

Hope you are have a great Easter Weekend!


  1. So many beautiful things I see in these photos. Too many items, I want for myself :) Thanks for this post.

  2. Oh that cage is wonderful. And those suitcases - I want to reach in your photo and start grabbing!

    Happy Easter,

  3. Jennifer and I could have spend all of our time at Patina Green just looking at the bathroom! Even it was amazing with great ideas. We haven't made it to see your space yet - but it's high on our To-Do list and we are enjoying the anticipation!


  4. Happy Easter.
    P.S. You know...some people hunt for hunt for junk!

  5. I love to visit their shop too - thanks for the great pictures! I LOVE that huge basket under the table!

  6. Thank you for showing, I absolutely love Patina Green.

  7. Teresa~ Merry Easter! I bought the slipcover from Judy Hill. Loved seeing your pictures from McKinney! I visited often when I lived in Texas! Love~ Mandy (Is your name spelled with an H or without? I've seen it both ways.)

  8. Beautiful! That bird cage is to die for! I keep hoping to make it to McKinney to see all the new shops, maybe this summer. Thanks for the tour!


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