Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Wishes

Happy Friday!!  Many years ago when I was in a local shop, I did this display for Memorial Day.  It's always been one of my favorite displays and I still have the red cloth mannequin.  I just couldn't seem to part with it.  The rest of the items have since sold.  I do wish I still had the white columns, they were so cool. 

I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and do something fun with your family or friends.  We have plans with family this weekend.  Hope you have a great holiday weekend.


  1. I'm willing to give odds your gonna be on the road...right?
    Have fun and a great lo-o-o-ng weekend.

  2. Happy Memorial Day to you sweet friend!

  3. Whoo hoo!!! A long week-end!!! I'm READY!

    LOVE your display that you have sent on to new and loving homes!

    have a great one!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  4. You are right....that's a great display, and the columns are awesome.

    Have a safe and happy holiday,

  5. love, love your display and great "stuff"! Have a great weekend, and hope to see ya in Canton! Cathy aka GGJ

  6. Happy Memorial Day Weekend Sweet Friend...
    Have fun eatting lots of weaners & burgers, watermelon & corn on the cob & maybe some home made ice cream for me & just know, where ever I am & what ever I may be doing...
    I'd Rather be in TEXAS!!! LOL
    Hugs & Some Rusty Wire, ;)

  7. Happy Memorial day. What a great display that was.


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