Thursday, June 02, 2011

Hot Time in June

It looks like it's going to be such a hot year this summer and summer is still officially 20 days away. We haven't even gotten to the good part of Texas Weather yet and I'm already wishing for Fall and Winter! I've seen temperatures in the low 50's in other parts of the US this past week and I wonder why we Texans couldn't have enjoyed just a few more days of cooler weather, but it seems our season bypassed Spring and went straight into Summer.

Well with school almost out I'm sure you'll be looking for something to do, you'll want to hit the Junkin Trails, before it gets too hot.  Here are different places in Texas you can hopefully find a treasure or two this month:

The Canton Tx Flea Market starts today, June 2-5.  There's always great vendors here but you definately have to go early for the best finds AND to beat the heat.

Judy Hill's Hackberry Hill Farm Home Show is one day only, on June 11:


jhill Spring Show

Now this is one event you don't want to miss going to.  Check out her blog for details.

Here are more places to go this month:

June 17-19: Fredericksburg Tx Trade Days

June 18: Junke & Disorderly Sale @ Winnie & Tulula's, Athens Tx.  This always looks like such a fun event and you'll be able to find a bargain here too.  Plus the Bistro will be open so you can have lunch as well.

June 18-19: City Wide Garage Sale, Austin Tx.  Don't forget that Uncommon Objects Antique Shop is just a few blocks away!

June 20th:  Uncommon Objects will be open for 20 Hours to celebrate 20 Years of Business.  I can't believe this shop has been around 20 years and it's only been probably within the last 10 years that I knew about it.  This is one fun place to visit.

June 25-26: Red Barn Antique Show, Round Top Tx.  I won't be selling at the Red Barn this time but hope to be able to come and check out all the great vendors that will be here.

And finally another Canton this month is on June 30-July 3: Canton Tx Flea Market.

Surely, with all these events you'll be able to go to at least one of these places. 

And, if you can't stand the outdoor weather, you can always make a trip to Llano Texas to Binky LaFaye's and check out OUR BOOTH there.  Remember Whimsey's is next door and both shops have tons of vintage things for you to see (and buy)!  Happy Junkin!


  1. I just gotta have that little sink from the heeader picture ...


  2. You Texas girls are so hot!
    ...and you have so many exciting events and fun places to treasure hunt down there! If you want to get out of the heat...consider a trip way north to the Adirondacks and sit under the cool pines for a while...I am sure I can find a few places to treasure hunt up here too! :)
    ...hey, I mean it! :)

  3. My daughter wants to move to Austin and I keep telling her... 'do you really know how hot it gets there?' not that I don't want her to spread her wings but that's sooooo far away! (insert whining) but if she did, I could maybe make a trip to visit all of the wonderful people (insert YOU) I have met through blogland and visit those wonderful sales! For now I will head over to Judy's blog to see what your talking about! t. xoxoxoox

  4. It would be so much fun to attend all the events in June. No matter how hot the weather is, there will be so much to see. Have a great month. sandi

  5. Wow! what a great time for junking, we still have cool weather in Northern Utah, still in the 50's barely getting spring flowers. I wish I lived closer to go check out all those great "junking places"
    Have a great day!
    XXX Ido

  6. Ms. Theresa, so long without living a comment. Let me start in order. Congrats on your booth at Binky La Faye. That is an awesome shop, actually an awesome little town with lots to see. That shop is so you. Happy belated birthday to Cruz. About Uncommon Objects, I started going there about 18 years ago when I first moved to Central Texas. They were always ahead of the times. I missed the way Congress Ave. used to be, pack with antiques and even some Oddities shops. It is still a good trip. Good luck hitting the trails in this heat. I hope my shop star to do better because of it, nothing like 77 degrees. Blessings, Marta.

  7. Hey girl - check out my latest post - come see us!

  8. We can always count on you to keep us posted on all the Texas events! Thanks~

  9. I agree my grass was burned when I got home this weekend:(But Im lookin forward to the start of summer.

  10. We are finally gonna have a hot one today, you can already feel the humidity in the air, but boy do we need the heat for the crops, gotta have them hot sultry nights for the juicy Iowa tomaters and corn...but Texas hot, don't think I want that heat..or the fire ants!!!

    Have a great weekend friend, I too wish you were coming along!!!


  11. HI,
    Just did 300 of the 400 mile hwy 68 Kentucky sale. Hot hot hot. But the heat is all worth it when I unpack the van. Your booth looks so good.

  12. Yippie! I see on your sidebar that you are going to Zapp Hall in the fall! So glad you decided to do the show again, although i know it must be hard. Hopefully I will be able to come again. Thanks for telling us about all the upcoming summer shows.

  13. Lorene, you are so sweet. Yes I'm pretty psyched as I just found out today I'll be able to take off work to be at Zapp!!

    Thanks for all your comments too!

  14. Yep, it's heating up here in the Valley Of The Sun too... most days are over 100 now... so only those with the best endurance can hang at the Outdoor Fleas! *Winks* Thank God I'm a climatized hardy old Soul *winks*... Loving your new Banner and the Treasures pictured in it!!!

    Blessings from the scorching Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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