Sunday, June 05, 2011

June Canton

The June Canton Flea Market was as hot as it normally is in August and this was just June, near 100.   We didn't stay long and didn't find very much, even though there were tons of vendors, I was just looking for certain  items.  I thought I'd show you what all you could have seen this month there.

There's always booths that have garden related items to include plants:

june canton 001

This booth was on the grounds in Canton.

There are the vendor's located in the Pavilions:

june canton 004

june canton 003

june canton 002

This was Ethel's booth.  She also has a store in Tyler.

Then, there's the Arbors:

june canton 018

june canton 017

june canton 016

This was Troy and Rod's booth.  Loved the furniture with vintage wall paper and the pillows and slip covered items.

Then, there's Dry Creek Landing, where Maggie and Lillie are located.  We'll start with Maggie's booth:

june canton 007

june canton 008

june canton 006

Here's Lillie's booth:

june canton 014

june canton 013

june canton 011

june canton 009

They are located in the same building, next to each other.

On our way home we stopped at Winnie & Tulula's.  I'll show this store later in the week. I also have redone my booth at Binky LaFaye's and I promise to show this later in the week too.  Hope you all had a great Sunday.


  1. Thanks T for all the great photos of treasures. The temp was really up there, it takes a while before we get used to 100's. Look forward to your photos at W & T's and the other store. Have a nice week.

  2. I always love seeing just how much garden stuff is at Canton. I went to the Santa Fe flea today and practically nothing. I spent only ten dollars. It must mean we already have everything! Ha!

  3. I just adore these booths! I could get lost there for sure! Have a delightful week! Xoxoxo

  4. I couldn't make it to Canton this time so I was so excited to see your pics!!

  5. Hey...what day were you there. I went Thursday by my self...everyone was busy. It was HOT! I found some cool pieces, but not as much as normal. I hope all is well.

  6. As always when I look at your blog I want to go work on my booths, but wait its 10:30 pm. I will just have to lay awake all night and think about what I want to do this time.

  7. Sooooo sorry we missed you in Canton....we actually did open later that day as we were preparing to host a luncheon for the Gilded Life group of women that day......and YES, it was a very HOT weekend! Happy Junkin!
    Cathy aka GGJ

  8. Oh Teresa, I thought I'd die of heat today. Can't imagine walking through Canton. I couldn't even enjoy Florence, Italy when I went it was so hot.

  9. I love the photos. The interior is amazing

  10. One of these days I am going to Canton! Thanks for the tour my friend!

  11. Great tour, Theresa. Love all the booths, but I have to say I particularly adore Lillie's booth.

  12. Just tell me the deals were just as hot!

  13. Oh T....thanks for sharing all these wonderful spaces! I am off to fluff my booth tomorrow and there is alot of inspiration to soak up here!!

  14. Too much eye candy! I'm drooling all over my keyboard!
    XXX Ido

  15. Thanks for sharing with us all, I know that felling about not finding what your looking for..But I'm sure you had fun...


  16. Ha! I was playing name that vendor as I looked at the pictures...I got them all. Great displays from them all. Thanks for sharing. ~Mindy

  17. T - sorry we missed you again! We took the granddaughters to the zoo in this heat! We are crazy! Great pictures.

  18. Thanks for the photos, I've missed Canton, but not the heat...Look forward to seeing your booth.

  19. Wow all of these booths look awesome!! These are such great pictures. Makes me feel like I was there!!

  20. I love Canton such great things to see!


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