Thursday, July 28, 2011

Keeping It REEL

Hello Friends.  I can finally say that my "ordeal" is finally over with. Well at least the hardest part is and now phase of two of it begins.  I'm continuing to keep a positive attitude, I mean do I really have a choice, in my life, the answer is no. I do know that I have God to turn to and I know no matter what is thrown my way in this life, he will most definitely see me through it.  It may not turn out the way I want it to and I may not go toward the path that I thought I should go, but if he's leading me then I know I'm headed the right direction.  I have so many again to thank, words, simple as they may seem...but really thank you so much for standing beside me during what was by far the hardest thing I've gone through.  It was really tough at times and for many that allowed me to lean on you, I am so grateful to you. 

We headed to Canton today and I know it was so so hot and you are probably wondering, what were you thinking, but we still enjoyed it.  Even though there weren't many vendors on the grounds, we were there at the crack of dawn and left really early.  I did get to meet Nancy and Mike.  They are so genuinely sweet.  So nice to meet them, here they are:


Aren't they a cute couple.  They just recently opened a new shop in Wimberly Tx, House Wren, you can find them this Fall at Marburger Farms Antique Show and...they'll be at City Wide Garage Sale in Austin in a few weeks.  Also, be sure and check out their blog, House Wren

Speaking of the City Wide Garage Sale, we will be setting up there for the next one as well, which is August 13.  I hope you come out and see us. 

Take a look at a few things I found today:


Loved the "REEL" letters and I know you can't tell but that's a garden statue and flower basket.  We also stopped by to see  Laurie Anna's, Jo's Place in Quinlan and Winnie and Tulula's.  I'll have to do several more posts on these and much more of Canton, but here's a sneak peek of W&T's:


Gloria just got back from a shopping trip to England and she found some awesome treasures.  You still have time to head to Canton this weekend.  Hope you have a great time no matter where you go.


  1. Your invite is TOO tempting, so wishI could.

    Glad you are feeling so much better.
    TTFN ~
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Theresa,
    I don't know what your going through, but you will definitely remain in my thoughts and prayers. I do know that during life, difficult things arise and I have definitely been through my share, but just know that your loving family and friends and especially God will be there for you and will guide you through this difficult time!
    Take care Theresa!

  3. So glad to hear things are looking up for you...we may never know why we go through some of the very hurtful situations in our lives but,we can trust he is working them out all for our own good his word says so...weeping may endure for the night but,joy cometh in the morning. Blessings...keep looking up.

  4. Hello Theresa! I admire your faith, that alone is what gets us through the tough stuff with a positive attitude, knowing that God won't give us more than we can handle with Him by our side. Somtimes I think He thinks I am SuperWoman with nerves of steel and some amazing biceps, so if He thinks I am that strong well then, I have a reputation to live up to. Smile on the face and trudge on through the tough stuff!
    I really like the reel sign, but that floor cleaner brush is so cool, I saw one made into a wreath here in blogland a while ago. I can't remember where... was it you? Anyway, I remember thinking that it was a fabulous idea!
    Take care, you are still in my prayers ~ SuperWoman!
    t. xoxoxooxoxoo

  5. Love the bed in the photo, as in "really" love that bed. Thinking of you as you travel this difficult path. Listen to Melinda, who happens to be a friend of mine (small world isn't it). She has had more than her share to deal with and she continues to keep a smile on her face and love in her heart. Hope things get easier soon!

    Take care, Sue

  6. I've been thinking about you and especially this week. Glad part 1 is over. Hope I was able to help a little bit. Looking forward to your blogging again.

    Margo aka Robolady

  7. Theresa,

    So bizarre...just this evening I was thinking that I hadn't seen a blog post from you in a while and was wondering if you were okay.
    Praying that you will find more comfort and peace.


  8. Hi T! Yes, I don't think I would pick July for Canton! But nice to see YOUR pics! Glad to hear you had a good time!

  9. You are WAY braver than I am!!! Canton? I'd wilt... sugar melts you know. *snicker*

    City Wide on the 13th? I'm clearing my calendar... you need some duct tape to get you through don't you think? ;-D

    Love You ALWAYS!
    ;-D robelyn

  10. Glad your keeping a positive attitude my friend!

    I can't wait to see more photos of your shopping day!


  11. I'm "reely" happy to read your finding some still moments in the midst of all the jumble.
    Ain't no heat wave gonna keep my girl from Canton!

  12. Always thinking of you.... hang in there...


  13. Dear Theresa, I do hope things will be better for you soon.

    It really is hot. I had wanted to go to Canton, but the heat is definately keeping me away. It's just too hot.

    If you feel like it, I Hope you will please drop by and enter my $50 Gift Card Giveaway!! If there are 500 entries, the amount will increase the Gift Card to $100!!

  14. I hope your life only get's easier and better every day. Love and Sissy Dog kisses. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  15. Hi!

    Hey glad to be back in the air conditioning!!! We actually went by Winnie and Talulas for the first time on our way into Canton. Beautiful! Loved the post! See ya soon! hugs, nancy


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