Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rusted Gingham Barn Sale

Suzanne and Tracey of the Rusted Gingham have a Barn Sale each year. This year's sale is set for Saturday, November 5 at the JB Wells Show Barn in Gonzales Texas. I know that several of my friends are selling here and there are many more vendors that are going to be there too.  Click on their blog above for all the details.

They've moved the sale a couple of miles down the road from where they previously held it and they say it's huge show barn. They'll now have room for lots more vendors! If this is something that interest you and you think you might want to be a vendor here, check out their blog for details. They also have a Vendor Tab on their blog that you can check out as well.

So go ahead and mark your calendars for their next Barn Sale. You can check out their blog for more updates or keep up with them on their Facebook Page.  To see a preview of their sale, check out Amy Boland's blog to see the pictures she took of their sale.


  1. Teresa, thanks so much for mentioning the Barn Sale! We're expecting a HUGE crowd at the new Show Barn location. Wish you could be there with us!

  2. Teresa,
    Hope City Wide was a Great Weekend for you!!!!
    We are Super Busy getting ready-- It's going to be so much fun!!! We wish you could join us-- but know you will have a Great weekend yourself!!!


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