Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why I Blog

(Taken during the Accumulations Show in Dripping Springs last October)

Monday was my Blog Anniversary and I missed it. I knew the date was getting close and actually gave it a quick thought but then got too busy to check the date.  I have loved blogging ever since the first day I started on October 17, 2006.  It seems like it was so long ago.  You can read my very first post HERE (you might be surprised who you'll see mentioned there).  Wow, I can't believe it's been 5 years. I first started my blog to get the word out about Texas Shows, Shops that I visited, and then I thought what a great communication tool to let people know where we would be selling next.

I never even dreamed that it would lead me to the opportunities that it has. I have met so many wonderful people through this blog and while some have come and gone since initially meeting them, isn't that how life is too. You meet someone and sometimes they are only part of your life for a season. It's same in the Blog World.

My blog has lead me to meet so many people literally from all over the world and even those that were actually in my area and didn't realize it until we met. I've met so many at the different Texas shows and while I may not have realized they were reading my blog, they'd come and find me and tell me about a story they'd read or seen a show or a shop that I had featured and how they'd visited the place because I had posted about it.  It just goes to show you you never know who is reading your blog.

There are the kindest people that have left me such sweet comments over the years.  Even though they didn't really even know me and telling me how much they would miss a post when I hadn't posted in a while, coming to see me at the various Antique Shows and expressing your love for me has just meant so much to me!  I can't thank you enough for your kindness, the fact that during your busy day you've left me a comment, or just seeing that you were visiting really meant a lot.  I am so grateful for all the one's that I've got to meet face to face and even if we haven't met face to face, I still feel as though I know you through your writings too  You are the best group of people ever.

The reason I blog is because of YOU!!  YOU inspire me with your comments, emails, your blog posts, the things you write about that are funny, serious, meaningful, at times gutsy.  YOU don't mind putting your heart out there.  YOU write things that I needed at the right moment.  YOU inspire me to be a better person. YOU so often enterain me with your funny posts and humor and I know I can always finds something interesting to read about.  Thank you for supporting me all these years through my blog!


  1. happy blogiversary... mine is tomorrow, two years in and what you just wrote is just how i feel. I'm so glad to have 'met' you through blogland and just love it when i see a post from you T. You have inspired my from the moment that first read your wonderful blog, and your photos make me want to take better pictures. thank you!!!
    t. xoxxoxxoox

  2. Congratulations! Yours was one of the first blogs I started following. We've been through a lot together. Hope you have many more years of happy blogging. Jan

  3. T: your blog is a true Texas treasure, I ditto your comments and am glad you are out there blogging away. Happy Anniversary.


  4. congrats on your milestone! hope you are getting some better temps these days! keep bloggin' cause everyone loves you!



  5. I've always loved your blog, and still do! It is amazing how fast the time passes by. Your blog was one of the first I started to follow when I began my own blog. I always look forward to your posts!

    Take care, Sue

  6. Congratulations on that BIG number! It all goes so fast! I don't think you can keep blogging unless you love it, and you obviously do! Yours was the very first blog I ever laid eyes on when I googled "garden antiques." I found it so inspiring! And you were there encouraging me to start up one of my own. You are my Texas connection! You make me feel like I've been places I have actually never visited before. Thanks T.! hugs!

  7. I for one can sya- THANK YOU for BLOGGING! I love to visit here- congrats on anniversary and many more...


  8. Happy blogin'versary!!!
    Silly girl - we love you!!! Now - here's to another 5 years...

    ;-D xoxo

  9. 5 years? Girl...that's a lot of miles and words!
    Happy anniversary.
    You know you're the reason a lot of us blog now...doncha?

  10. Happy anniversary. You inspired me and got me started blogging.
    Now I don't know if I should thank you for that since it takes so much of my time, but anyway, thanks. Opened a new door in my life. You are the best!!!

  11. Happy blog-iversary!! Always love your posts about Texas day I'm gonna get to meet you, too ;)

  12. Theresa, I could possibly say I blog because of you. I have never heard about blogs until I visited one day with Stephanie and she asked me if i blog. She proceeded to tell me everything about it and told me about "the best blog out there". I was immediately hooked and still to this day use your blogroll as a guide to the best stuff in blogland. So you have done more for the Texas antique world and bloggers than you will ever know. THANK YOU so much.

  13. I think I have been reading your blog since almost the beginning! A big happy anniversary from Larry and Malisa! By the way, I have started a new blog and have both of your blogs on my blog list! Stop by and visit!


  14.'s to the next 5 and many more!

  15. Congrats, I always look forward to your post. Even though we haven't met, I know you are a kind soul by your blog. Good job.

  16. I'm so happy that you started your blog, and I've been reading since the very beginning. It has truly been an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing the shops you post about, my girls and I have enjoyed many a weekend jaunt about Texas after reading about a special place to visit. When I first started reading blogs, I would see who would leave a comment on your blog and then go and read their blogs as well. It has helped me find so many wonderful other bloggers to follow over the years. I wish you many years of blogging bliss.



  17. T, it's because you're so generous in every.single.thing . Your enthusiasm, your promotion of all things TX, and your abilities as a natural hostess—all combine for the perfect blog experience. The only thing I would wish for is an occasional guest post from Cruz! Can't wait to see you next spring! XOX and congrats on the 5 glorious years!

  18. Wow! You're one of the longest-term bloggers I'm aware of. (Just when DID it begin anyway???)

    Congratulations on a first-rate blog. Keep those posts and goodies coming.

  19. Happy Blog Anniversary! Looks like you've come a long way since 2006! Your blog is very interesting and we wish we were in Texas to see your goods in person. We'd love for you to submit your story behind Garden Antqs Vintage to Why I Blog so we can feature your site. You can do so on the main page if you are interested. Thanks! :)

  20. And YOU inspire us! I always find beauty when I come here...and great ideas, too! I just had my 4 yr anniversary...I'm going to go back and get caught up now!


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