Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Things to do in December

December is a jam packed month if you live in Texas and are looking for something fun to do.  You can literally drive to a different part of Texas during the month and find a great event to attend.

I want to start out telling you about my friend Ann Perry's Open House at her shop, The Tin Rabbit, in Melrose Texas.  It's this Thursday, December 1st and I'm so bummed that I'm going to miss it, but if you are anywhere near Nacogdoches Texas (Melrose is about 20 miles from there) this is one place you should try and attend.  She opens up her shop several times a year and the Christmas Event she has here is always so magical.  You can contact Ann for more info.   Take a look at previous pictures of her Open House:

This is inside her gorgeous home, so you just can just imagine how great her shop will be decorated.

Dec 1-4: Canton Tx Flea Market. We are really excited to be selling here. I'm sure you saw from the last post that we will be located in the 6000 Pavillions!  Hope you can come out and see us.

Now, let me just tell you about Judy Hill's Open House, which is this Saturday, Dec. 3 in Kilgore Texas.  Judy is calling her Open House: A Garden Christmas and this is one event you definately want to make plans to attend.  If I even tried to explain just how talented Judy is, my words wouldn't do justice.  Judy literally opens her entire house and just about everything in it is for sale.  You'll see displays that you never even dreamed of.  For more info., contact Judy HERE.  Take a look at her previous open house:

Can you see just how beautiful her home was decorated during a previous show.  You just don't know where to turn next and let me just add, if you see something you like you might want to add your sticker to the item or it will be gone (Judy provides stickers at the front door for you to mark your item).

Once you leave Judy's place, you can head on down the road to McKinney Tx for their annual Holiday Home Tour.  I was fortunate to attend one year with Nancy of Ella Elaine and it was just so much fun.  There's always lots of places to shop in McKinney, so I know you'll have fun being here.

On Dec. 10, our famous junkin' friends, Jolie, Amie and Janie are having a Junk Gypsy Prom at Marburger Farms, Round Top Tx.  I believe there are limited tickets for this event, so if you are interested in attending you might want to contact them ASAP.  If you haven't had the chance to see their new HGTV show that aired this past Sunday, you missed out.  What a fun adventure it's going to be for them.  I'm so glad I DVR'd it and I can tell it's going to be a hit show. 

And finally, I had to share this event.  On Dec. 31, Festival Hill in Round Top Texas is having a New Years Eve Gala.  This has always seemed like such a fun event to attend and while I haven't had the chance to attend one yet, I do try and stop over at Festival Hill every chance I can.  I love walking their beautiful gardens and seeing their gorgeous Historical Buildings.  It's so peaceful and relaxing here.  Check out their website for more info.

I'm joining Kathleen for her White Wednesday posts.  Check out her blog for so much inspiration.

Facebook pages to check out:
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  1. I SO need to move closer to Texas! Truly! These sound like awesome events!!!

    Lou Cinda

  2. Do you know about the "Ye Old Antique Mall" in Tyler...I am sure you do :) They had a wonderful Christmas Open House recently...anyway,here's the website...just in case.

    Many blessings on your Christmas season T

  3. Hi Theresa,
    How are you?
    These homes are simply stunning!! I so wish I lived in Texas so I could visit all of the amazing shows going on!
    Hope your having a wonderful week.

  4. Boo Whoo!! Boo Whoo!! I wanna go to all of those! Dang being stuck here in Kentucky! Thanks for all the torment!

  5. Oh my! I'm worn out just reading all the things going on in Texas!
    Take lots of pictures where ever you go for us to see what we have missed!!!

  6. It's starting to look like Texas has the best everything. I agree with the others if only I lived closer.


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