Monday, November 28, 2011

Seeing Red

This past weekend at the City Wide Garage Sale in Austin had me seeing Red.  A red bike that is.  There were several sprinkles of red in my booth this time, from the bike to the vintage Christmas Balls, which were a big hit, to the Madonna that had a touch of red on her.  It was another successful show and I can't thank the customers enough that came out.

There seemed to be a really good crowd out at the show on both days.  I wanted to start out showing you the bike, which found a new home:

It had a good look to it and the customer really loved it too.  Here's another view of it:

I really loved the Christmas wreath and so considered keeping it but when a guy came up and said he had to buy it for his wife, I thought how sweet.  So off it went to a new home too.

Here's more pics of my booth:

The horn in the above picture was a great find and while it didn't find a new home I've decided to use it during my Christmas display in my office.

I sold the rusty table above and all the small tables/carts that I took.  The rusty table was originally a typewriter table and it had a really good look it.

Yes, this cart found a new home too:

Okay, now lets talk about this cabinet:

I knew that when I bought the cabinet, being one solid piece and heavy, that it would take someone special to love it.  Well someone did love it and it is going to look great in their kitchen.  It originally was taken out of a kitchen to be replaced with new cabinets (okay don't get that), but it's now back in a new kitchen and since my husband delivered it he said it was perfect there. 

Keep watching my other blog, Discarded Forlorn, for more show pictures.

We'll be back in Austin in January 2012 and it will also be time for the Red Barn Show in Round Top Texas the week before the City Wide Sale.  In the meantime, come and see us at the Canton Texas Flea Market this week.  It will be our first time to sell there and I'm really excited to be setting up with Ethel in the 6000 Pavilions.  Some of you may know Ethel from visiting her store in Tyler.  Hope to see you soon!


  1. Glad you had a good show! That bike would make such a great vintage vignette for Christmas. Good luck at Canton too!

  2. I love that one pop of red in that white booth!! Looks great.

  3. Great photos! I love that red bike!
    Glad that fab cabinet found a new kitchen to call home!
    Take care, Laura :)

  4. Theresa,

    It is really nice of you to share your pics from the City Wide Garage Sale. I so miss getting to visit your booth. You have to be one of the most creative people I have ever known. The hardest part of moving back to Arizona is being away from wonderful people like you that are such a joy to see at the shows. I am saving my money to go to Canton after the first of the year, and hope to go to Round Top next spring. In the meantime,I'll just keep following your blog and dreaming from afar. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.


  5. Hooray! Great show! Great pics! You are one busy woman! Congrats on doing well at the show and becoming a City Wide Star!


  6. You really outdid yourself. The booth looks GREAT and I LOVE RED! I like the touch of color. I cannot believe you are setting up at Canton the month I cannot make it! Rats. I hope you are going to be a I love shopping at Canton AND I love shopping with Ethel (I bought some great stuff from her last month...well, and the month before and the month before). Good Luck and hopefully I will see you in January at Canton.

  7. That wreath is beautiful, she is a lucky girl! t.xoxoox

  8. I loved all the pictures, and yes, the bike was an eye catcher! I know very well how much work goes into doing a show. I'm glad it was successful for you! Enjoy our holiday season.

    Take care, Sue

  9. T - your space looked AWESOME! You always have so many great frames!

  10. I am so glad that City Wide in Austin is going so well. Austin is my hometown and I love it, and the great people you will meet at any given time in Austin!
    Hugs to you, Ms. T!
    Hope to be out and about and see you sometime soon!


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