Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fredericksburg TX Trip

Saturday we headed out early for our 4 hour drive to Fredericksburg Texas.  I couldn't hardly wait to see what Robin Brown had in mind for her Magnolia Pearl Fashion Imaginarium Show, and getting to see Carol Hicks Bolton's new store was going to so be worth the drive.  It rained almost the entire way there but that couldn't stop us from going to attend this awesome event.

Our first stop was in Dripping Springs Texas at Thyme and Dough.  It's an awesome place to stop and eat at.  The first time I discovered this place was when we setting up at the Accumulation Show.  They have awesome homemade breads and food and they also sell plants.  I've tried their scones but I was there to buy their Turkey Roll.  It's bread that's rolled up like a jelly roll with turkey and cheese all throughout it and then pesto and cheese is on top.  It's so fabulous.  Here's the place:


This is one place you need to mark on your bucket list of places to stop at.
From there we headed on down to the Fredericksburg Trade Days.  It was nice meeting Betsy of Sister's Treasures and seeing several familiar faces was great too.  I found a few treasures here, but what's funny is that I bought from dealers that are normally at the Warrenton Texas Antique Shows.

Check back for my next post on Carol Hicks Bolton's Shop and I'll be showing you more of Robin's Fashion Show.


  1. It must be really good if you gave up barbecue for it!

  2. I was so happy to see you!!!
    Come back when you can stay longer and I'll show you around my town!


  3. Cannot wait to see your memories of what I am sure was a Magical time! Just a tiny bit jealous....I would have loved to have been there to see Robin and the show. But, seeing the pictures will be Great!! Thanks for sharing. xoxoxox Pam

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by Fredericksburg Trade Days. We are excited about being in Warrenton this year and look forward to your blog party.

    Was MP Style Show over the top or WHAT!!!! It had to be experienced.

  5. I love Fredericksburg and especially the Trade Days! I didn't get there this time. Good thing...If I would have recognized you there I might have gotten "star struck"! Still loving your posts! Living the events through your eyes...:)

  6. OMGoodness I seen all the pictures on Robins FB page! Oh how I wish I could have been there! Everything was breath taking!


  7. Oh, yum - Thyme and Dough is on my list!!


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