Friday, March 09, 2012

Antique Shows? Already...

Yes, would you believe you can drive in several directions this weekend and attend an antique show.  Before I started setting up at the shows, I had always heard of the Cat Springs Antique Show.  I knew that once this show came around, the big shows were just around the corner.  This show starts tomorrow, March 10 and runs through Sunday, March 11.  For more information on the Cat Springs Antique Show in Cat Springs Tx, click HERE.  It's a beautiful drive through the country side and you know any time you are near Round Top Texas, you have to make a day of it visiting all that there is there.

Now if you can't wait until tomorrow to go to a show and you are located more in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, well get ready because today, March 9 the Dolly Johnson Antique Show starts in Fort Worth Tx.  This show will only run through tomorrow, March 10.  So get out of your jammies and head on down the road where there are so many talented friends setting up here.  Click HERE to see what it's all about.

And while you are in Fort Worth, The Funky Finds show is also there this weekend. Click on Robelyn's blog for more details.

Happy weekend friends.  Hope you get out to one of the shows, but if not just remember you are only 20 DAYS away from being able to shop at Zapp Hall in downtown Warrenton Texas.


  1. Oh Texas, you slay me. So many shows, so far away. Some-day.....


  2. I got four words for ya...
    EEEKKK...I'm not ready!

  3. It will be a great weekend for inside shopping!!! Happy Sales!

  4. Candy and I are both ready to come to Zapp Hall... I think we talk about it at least 4-times a week! It's our "girlfriends" respite from the world of hubbys and adult children... work and volunteering efforts... everything balled into one... just us girls, shopping, friends and margaritas!!

    RoundTop, Warrenton, Zapp Hall... your blog party... and our stay at Oma's Country Cottage in Industry Texas... A quick 3-day girlsfriend vacation that restores the soul!! We can hardly wait!!

  5. unbelievable that it's that time again but i am so glad that it is! thank you for your sweet comment. can't wait to see your smiling face!




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